QR Codes for Sharing Videos

Connect people in the real world to any video using QR codes

Sharing a recap video? Or a new teaser trailer? Use QR codes to engage audiences in the real world so they can instantly connect with your video.

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QR codes for wedding video

Turn anything into a video

QR codes can transform any surface into a video. Create an easy portal for people to access video content on the platform of your choice.

Create a multi-media gallery with Flowpage

Use Flowpage, a mobile-friendly landing page, to curate a gallery of videos that people will land on after they scan. This allows you to tell your brand’s story in one simple destination.

QR codes to mobile landing page
QR codes for videos

Integrate with any video-sharing platform

Share videos hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, or any other online destination. Connect to a Flowpage so people can choose which video-sharing platform they prefer.

Best practices for sharing videos with QR codes

Your videos are just a scan away. Check out some best practices for QR codes engagement.

  • call to action for QR code

    Clear calls to action

    QR codes are only as good as the instructions that come with them. A simple, clear CTA is necessary to tell your audience what they should do next.

  • Pretty QR code

    Design your QR code

    Your videos look good; therefore, so should your QRs. Flowcode’s QRs are artistically designed to fit the aesthetic of your brand.

  • Dynamice QR code generator

    Use dynamic codes

    Edit which video you send scanners depending on the time of day or day of the week — all without replacing the QR code.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Using QR codes to share videos? These features have you covered.

  • Create unlimited QR codes

    Unlimited scans

    Unlike many QR platforms, Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • Custom designed codes

    Create a custom code 

    From colors and patterns to logos and shape, customize your code to match your brand.

  • Advanced QR code analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

FAQs for sharing videos with QR codes

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