QR Codes for Building Social Media Followings

Connect with your fans outside of traditional digital channels

Everyone wants to build their social profiles to new heights. QR codes can help — but make sure you check out these best practices.
Social followings
Passive account growth
QR codes create rapid and instant connections. More importantly, they’re easy for customers. Build your social databases effortlessly with Flowcode QR codes.
Passive account growth
Activations can be anywhere
Whether you’re a street artist, or a political campaign manager trying to display your message on the streets, a QR code that links to your socials is a great way for people to learn more about you. Put one on virtually any surface.
Activations can be anywhere
Make packaging a driver of social
Placing QR codes on packages is a great way to tell your brand story through social media. Once scanned, track, target, and engage followers on social media.
Make packaging a driver of social

Best practices for building social accounts with QR codes

Everyone wants to build their social profiles to new heights. QR codes can help — but make sure you check out these best practices.
Calls to action
CTAs tell people what they should do next. “Follow us on social media,” tells people exactly what the point of scanning is.
Design your QR code
Work with our team of designers to create a QR code that stands out from the rest. Get more engagement with an exciting-looking QR code.
Connect to a Flowpage
Each social network has its own purpose. Link to all of your networks on one simple-to-understand, mobile-friendly landing page.
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Tips to grow your community from anywhere
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Create special moments

If you're a performer, public speaker, politician, or anyone else up on a stage, leverage QR codes for social media on the big screen to drive traffic to your social platforms and grow your audience. Capture audiences attention in the moment with your speech or performance to help drive traffic to your social channels. You can creatively incentivize activations by creating scan for sweepstakes or other limited time rewards to those who interact with your social platforms. Get creative and discover how you can run more effective give-aways and other contests you typically drive on your social channels, but enable them offline as well. Connecting a QR code to social media makes it faster than ever to drive traffic to your channels. Work with Flowcode to create innovative and effective campaigns to launch your social media profiles.

Passively drive followers

Growing a following is tough no matter what industry you’re in. Especially if you are an emerging artist, brand, or even restaurant, it’s helpful to build a community and personality around your business or service. Use QR codes for social media to pull audiences directly to your social media platforms on an ad hoc basis. Tag your designs with a QR code that drives to your Instagram, add QR codes to your menus to drive people to your TikTok with behind the scenes videos of your chef and recipes. There’s nowhere you can’t put a Flowcode and endless opportunities to grow your following by creating artful QR codes that create a seamless path to discovering your online presence. Place QR codes for social media anywhere you want and passively grow your following.

Make packaging a driver of social

Keeping customers in your funnel after a purchase is a huge challenge for sellers both big and small. Whether you’re an independent seller on Etsy or a large home goods company, it’s always valuable to establish connections with your customers to drive repurchases or virality to grow your base. A seamless way to foster customer relationships and build brand loyalty is through your social media presence. Placing social media QR codes on packaging is a perfect way to bring your customers to your profile in seconds. Activate buyers instantly when you use QR codes for social media – let buyers scan and instantly connect to all your online platforms to stay connected for new product drops, see behind the scenes creation content, or even interact and vote on new products in your pipeline.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for direct mail
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Can you use a QR code on social media?

Yes, QR codes can be used on social media. They can be posted in images, descriptions, or profiles to quickly direct users to desired content.

Why use a QR code for social media?

QR codes allow users to directly access linked content without having to manually search for it. That means they can be used to promote profiles, specific posts, or even lead to contact or signup forms.

Does Instagram use QR codes?

Yes, Instagram has its own version of QR codes that can be used to quickly find and follow profiles. However, if you want to share a custom designed QR code to drive to an Instagram account, you can create them with Flowcode.com's free QR code generator.

How do I link all social media accounts to a QR code?

Using Flowcode, you can create a QR code that links to a Flowpage, a landing page of consolidated links. Here, you can list all your social media accounts to encourage more followers.