QR Codes for Wifi and Contactless Check-In

Streamline check-in experiences with QR codes

If you’re hosting an event or in the hospitality industry, get guests checked in and connected to your network with ease and increase customer satisfaction.

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QR codes for WiFi

Connect to WiFi

Instead of a complicated password, you can create a portal to your WiFi network with a simple QR scan. You can also ask for emails for access, increasing your mailing list.

Contactless hotel check-ins

Have your guests skip the lines and check in when you scan a QR code to a hotel portal. Use your staff to assist guests in more personalized ways, rather than spending time through a scripted check-in process.

QR codes for hotels
QR codes for mobile check in

Access events with ease

No more messy check-in lines. Instead, place QR codes around the entrance with clear instructions to have people check in with ease. Provide a WiFi portal to your attendees in the same scan.

Best practices for contactless check-ins with QR codes

Contactless check-in and wifi access makes for happy customer. QR codes can help — but make sure you check out these best practices.

  • Flowpage

    Connect to a Flowpage

    A Flowpage is a mobile landing page where you can put info that guests care about like contact information, maps, menus, and more.

  • Design your QR code

    Design your QR code

    A custom-designed QR code sticks out from the pack. Create a QR code that fits your brand. Choose shapes and designs that pop. 

  • QR code CTAs

    CTAs help educate

    Having a strong CTA like “check-in here” or “scan for WiFi” is necessary when using QR codes. They prompt action from customers.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Using QR codes for contactless check-in? These features have you covered.

  • Create unlimited QR codes

    Unlimited scans

    Unlike many QR platforms, Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • Custom designed codes

    Create a custom code 

    From colors and patterns to logos and shape, customize your code to match your brand.

  • Advanced QR code analytics

    Advanced analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

FAQs for WiFi and checking in with QR codes

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