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When Digital Signage Meets QR Codes: Expert Tips for Marrying your Marketing Activities

July 13, 2023
Flowcode Team

Ready for a whirlwind romance? Hold on to your hats because we're matchmaking your brand with the dynamic duo of digital signage and QR codes. If you're thinking, "Wait, isn't digital signage that thing I ignore while waiting in the subway?" That’s not wrong…but there's so much more to this marketing marvel than meets the eye.

The versatility of digital signage is every marketer’s dream. For one, digital signage is everywhere. We aren’t kidding, everywhere–streets, shops, airports, cafes, you name it. What really sets it apart from other mediums is its ability to provide real-time updates, eye-catching visuals, and interactive experiences that can transform a simple message into an engaging dialogue.

Sounds like a pretty perfect pairing to us!

High-definition marketing, thanks to QR codes 

Let's face it, in our fast-paced, information-hungry world, traditional static signage just doesn't cut it anymore. Enter digital signage: a marketer’s secret weapon. Digital signage enables marketers to reinforce brand image, boost sales, and drive customer engagement. Not to mention, it lends itself beautifully to specific marketing campaigns and activations.

Initially, a digital signage price might seem daunting. However, the potential return on investment makes it worth every penny. With the ability to update content in real-time, you can adapt to shifting market dynamics on the fly, capitalizing on trends, and reacting to competitor moves. And that's agile marketing for ya’. 

Guidelines for glowing digital signage 

  1. Memorable digital signage goes way beyond simply  displaying a message.  It creates an immersive and interactive experience that captivates your audience. But how do you make your digital signage truly sparkle? Here are a few nuggets of wisdom to light up your screens and leave a lasting impression.
  2. Keep it simple, stupid: The KISS principle works well here too. It means you’re able to get your message across quickly and clearly. Likewise, don't clutter your design with too much text or complex images.
  3. Quality beats quantity: Make every pixel count. High-quality images and video grab attention and typically leave a lasting impression.
  4. Stay consistent: Maintain your brand image by using consistent fonts, colors, and imagery across all your digital signage. Your digital signage isn’t just a dull signpost – it’s a platform to showcase your brand’s unique personality and draw attention from consumers.

Decoding the power of QR

Digital signage is good. Digital signage with QR codes? Now we’re talking! QR codes enhance digital signage by adding a layer of interactivity that was once the “stuff of sci-fi.” Although the sky’s truly the limit here, these are just a few ways you can harness the immense power of QR codes on digital signage.

Promote downloads: Direct customers straight to your app on their mobile device's app store. The path to download has never been smoother. 

Lead to landing pages: With a 3-step process, it’s never been easier for users to quickly and easily learn more about a product, service, or specific campaign. 

Collect feedback: Gather customer insights by linking to a quick survey or review form.

Push to purchase now: Streamline the buying process by taking users straight to your online store.

Send to your socials: Connect customers with your social media channels for ongoing engagement.

QR codes even work on digital billboards, providing a bridge between the offline and online world. Just remember, size matters. The QR code should be large enough to be scanned from a comfortable distance.

Why Flowcode’s your QR code champion 

You might think we’re biased, but Flowcode truly isn’t just another QR code provider, it is the QR code provider. With Flowcode, you will be welcomed into a world of interactive, ultra-fast scanning experiences. With a design-first approach, Flowcode lets you work directly with our creative team to produce QR codes that seamlessly align with your brand’s aesthetic. Moreover, Flowcode’s QR codes can be scanned by any device, no app needed – pretty cool, right? This ensures you reach the widest audience possible.

Captivate with your digital canvas 

And there you have it, folks: a love story for the modern age. With digital signage and QR codes, your brand can communicate, interact, and engage with customers in real-time, bringing your marketing campaigns to life. And when it comes to creating those magical QR codes, don’t worry, Flowcode has got you covered.

As a final thought, we’ll leave you with this. In the realm of digital signage marketing, it's not just about what you say. More importantly, it's about how you say it. So, what are you waiting for? Your brand’s love story is ready to unfold, and with Flowcode, we can promise that it’ll be love at first scan. 

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