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Join the community of eXp realtors leveraging Flowcode to seamlessly drive more listings and leads. Create your QR strategy to book meetings, manage open houses, and upgrade your networking materials.

eXp reality and Flowcode
Drive 10x higher engagement rates
Convert contact information from 70% of your audience
1:1 household level audience targeting
QR Codes for Real Estate
Flowcode has enhanced my real estate business tremendously. I'm adding Flowodes to my business cards and using them at events where people can scan and go right to my profiles, my team's profiles, and connect with us right away without typing a web link.”
Andrew Maloney
eXp Agent

Personalized Onboarding Support

Join Flowcode's real estate industry expert for live onboarding support and implementation.

How Top Realtors Stay Ahead

Upgrade Your Marketing For eXp Realty Listings

Create interactive marketing materials. Add branded eXp logo QR codes to your printed marketing collateral to enable leads to discover eXp properties and book appointments in one scan.

Streamline Open Houses And Collect Contact Info

Digitize every interaction. Set up contactless check-in experiences at open houses and showings, and store contact information in one place.

Create Business Cards That Scan For Instant Contact

Elevate how you network. Digitizing your business cards makes it easier to reach you. Create a custom eXp realtor landing page with all your contact information to download or call in one scan.

I love Flowcode for so many reasons. As a listing agent, in the past, I would print oodles of paperwork to bring for open houses, as well as make a binder of paper to leave at the home for any buyer to review. With the use of Flowcode I have integrated a custom QR code directly on my listing sheets that I have displayed at my listings. No more paper and super environmentally responsible!
Kim Tufts
eXp Agent

Resources For eXP Realtors

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Flowcode's Printing Guide
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Social Media Management for Realtors using QR
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Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
How can eXp real estate agents use QR codes?

Realtors use QR codes as a tool for marketing and communication in the real estate industry. Here are some common ways you can get started with real estate QR codes:

  1. Include eXp realty branded QR codes on property listings such as "For Sale" or "For Rent" signs, flyers, brochures, and online advertisements. This allows you to display more information about the property, including photos, videos, virtual tours, and contact details for the realtor.
  2. Attach QR codes to business cards, so clients can quickly scan it and save contact information or visit your website or social media profiles for further information about their services.
  3. Provide virtual tours of properties by placing QR codes on marketing materials. These QR codes can then link to the virtual tour.
  4. Display at open houses, which when scanned, provide visitors with more information about the property, including photos, videos, and details about the open house event, such as the date, time, and location.
  5. Augment marketing campaigns by placing QR codes in print ads, online ads, or social media posts. Scanning the QR code can lead potential clients to a landing page with more information about the realtor's services, testimonials, and contact information.
What sort of data can I collect on my potential clients?

Flowcode allows you to collect the date/time, device type, and location of your scanners in real-time. Pixels, UTMs, and other digital tracking technologies can be used in tandem with our codes to bring tracking and retargeting continuity across platforms such as Facebook and Google Analytics.

What are Flowcode’s privacy policies?

Flowcode takes privacy seriously. When you scan a Flowcode, there is no question where that code was generated. All of our codes include the text “” or our company name, “Flowcode”, which should be considered a badge of safety. While other QR code platforms may not have privacy information on their codes, this can be considered a security risk. Because of phishing attempts and QR code scams on the rise, it’s important to work with companies like Flowcode who ensure every code you scan is a safe one.

What software integrations are offered by Flowcode?

If you’re searching for a QR code platform to integrate with tools you already use, Flowcode is the best tool for your business. From Klavyio and Mailchimp to Salesforce and Okta, some of the biggest CRM tools, ESPs, and business management solutions integrate with Flowcode.

I have a question about the plan I’m on — who should I contact?

With any questions about your plan, tech support, or onboarding, please email [email protected] and our team will be in touch. If you need quick help on how to build and manage your Flowcodes, please head to

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