QR Codes for Online Sellers

Dynamic QR code generator for e-commerce brands

E-commerce has never been more competitive. But sellers who use Flowcode QR Codes increase sales, build an audience of repeat customers, and reduce their marketing costs.

Flowcode lets you build relationships with buyers and increase sales

Build direct relationships with customers

With Flowcode, there are endless ways for you to build your audience and connect with them every day.

  • "Follow Us" QR codes

    A bigger audience means more customers. So, build your audience with a "Follow Us" QR Code. No more clunky URLs, just sales.

  • Drive newsletter signups

    New customers cost 10x more than existing ones. So when you make a sale, turn that customer into a subscriber with a contact collection code.

  • Get more 5-star ratings

    Products with higher ratings have a higher conversion rate. Make it easy for customers to give you that 5-star rating with a Flowcode QR code that sends scanners to your review page.

  • Add inserts to your orders

    Want to give your existing customers discounts to reorder or buy your latest products? Add an insert to your packaging with a Flowcode for instant reordering.

  • All your links, together

    With Flowpage, your audience buy products, sign up for newsletters, check out your content, or leave your products reviews... all from the same profile link.

  • Create branded packaging

    Add Flowcode QR codes to order receipts and packaging that allow customers to effortlessly reorder their favorites, discover new products, leave reviews, or sign up for your mailing list.

Spend less on marketing

Flowcode QR codes give you robust data and insights into which creative works best, when to talk to your customers, and where. Easily A/B test creative, learn what gets customers to buy, and how to connect.

The tools you need to increase sales

Flowcode QR codes and link-sharing pages help you connect with your audience every day, making it easier to build a direct audience and lower marketing costs.

"Adding inserts with Flowcodes increased my reorders by 50%. I've never been so profitable. I've been able to build an audience and sell directly, avoiding the Etsy marketing fees."

Cletus Mckeown, Owner at Bootlegger Hats

Try Flowcode FREE for one month

Access enhanced analytics, custom designed codes, and so much more.

  •  Custom Designed Code

    Receive a custom Flowcode, created by our in-house designers to match your brand. 

  • Unlimited Scans

    Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • More Codes

    Create up to 100 Flowcodes with your Flowcode Pro membership.

  • More Flowpages

    Pro members can create 5 Flowpages, our customizable link-sharing pages. 

  • Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

  • Bulk Code Creation

    Save time and create up to 50 Flowcodes at ones, all with different scan destinations. 

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