QR Codes for Online Sellers

Dynamic QR code generator for e-commerce brands

E-commerce has never been more competitive. But sellers who use Flowcode QR Codes increase sales, build an audience of repeat customers, and reduce their marketing costs.
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Build direct relationships with customers

With Flowcode, there are endless ways for you to build your audience and connect with them every day.
[Industries - Ecommerce] "Follow us" QR codes
"Follow us" QR codes
A bigger audience means more customers. So, build your audience with a "Follow Us" QR Code. No more clunky URLs, just sales.
[Industries - Ecommerce] Drive newsletter signups
Drive newsletter signups
New customers cost 10x more than existing ones. So when you make a sale, turn that customer into a subscriber with a contact collection code.
[Industries - Ecommerce] Get more 5-star ratings
Get more 5-star ratings
Products with higher ratings have a higher conversion rate. Make it easy for customers to give you that 5-star rating with a code that sends scanners to your review page.
[Industries - Ecommerce] Add inserts to your orders
Add inserts to your orders
Want to give your existing customers discounts to reorder or buy your latest products? Add an insert to your packaging with a Flowcode for instant reordering.
[Industries - Ecommerce] All your links, together
All your links, together
With Flowpage, your audience buy products, sign up for newsletters, check out your content, or leave your products reviews... all from the same profile link.
[Industries - Ecommerce] Create branded packaging
Create branded packaging
Add Flowcode QR codes to order receipts and packaging that allow customers to effortlessly reorder their favorites, discover new products, leave reviews, or sign up for your mailing list.
Spend less on marketing
Flowcode QR codes give you robust data and insights into which creative works best, when to talk to your customers, and where. Easily A/B test creative, learn what gets customers to buy, and how to connect.
[Industry - Ecommerce] Spend less on marketing
"Adding inserts with Flowcodes increased my reorders by 50%. I've never been so profitable. I've been able to build an audience and sell directly, avoiding the Etsy marketing fees."
Cletus Mckeown
Owner at Bootlegger Hats
Best practices for using QR codes for e-commerce
Discover more tips for using QR codes for driving purchases here.
Create QR codes for building your social followings

QR codes are an excellent way to get more people to your social media, email list and website. The problem is that many people don't know how to scan them. This is where the "Follow Us" QR code comes in. This type of QR code is designed to direct viewers to your social media or newsletter signup page, so they can easily follow you without having to type in a URL. You can then use your own custom design on this type of QR code, or simply use one of our designs.

Build your CRM database with QR codes

With the right strategy, you can get a ton of new customers. But they cost 10x more than existing ones. So when you make a sale, turn that customer into a subscriber with a contact collection QR code that you place on advertisements and packaging. When people scan it, they'll be prompted to enter their information in your CRM system or sign up for an email newsletter. On average, subscriptions generate 3x more revenue per customer than purchases. You can easily integrate a QR code checkout system for e-commerce into the collateral as well.

Get more 5-star reviews

Reviews are one of the most important elements of your business. They help customers make buying decisions, they build trust and they provide social proof that your product is worth buying.

In addition to a great product or service, you also need to have a good reputation. Products with higher ratings have a higher conversion rate. Make it easy for customers to give you that 5-star rating with a QR code that sends scanners to your review page.

The best part about using QR codes for reviews is that it will work on any shop app. QR codes can be used for Shopify or Bigcommerce, for instance.

Add marketing inserts to your orders

You've already invested time and money in creating your packaging, so why not take the next step and add QR codes to your order inserts?

QR codes are an effective way to drive sales, increase retention, and encourage customers to re-order. Adding a Flowcode QR code on your order insert will make it easier than ever for customers to re-order from you.

How does this work? When a customer scans the code, they'll be taken directly to a page where they can place their order. A QR code checkout system for eCommerce added to an insert is a perfect way to give your existing customers discounts or specials on new products, or if you're running a special promotion.

Create a mobile landing page with Flowpage

Put all of your links in one place by organizing them on a Flowpage, our mobile-friendly landing page. Link to your newsletter signup, socials, contact information, marketing collateral, and more. Even integrate a QR code checkout system for e-commerce. You can also insert a QR code for Square payment portal on this link page. If you've got an existing website, you can link to it as well.

The Flowpage is also great for presenting your business as an expert in your field by providing links to articles you've written or relevant content from other sources. Add images, videos and other media elements to make it even more engaging and helpful for visitors.

The Flowcode QR code is an excellent way to get customers to easily reorder their favorites, discover new products and connect with you on social media.

Dynamic packaging is the key to success!

The Flowcode QR code can be added to any type of packaging, including boxes, bags, and labels. The codes can be placed anywhere on your package, but it’s best to put them where they will be easy for consumers to scan.

For example, if you sell a product that comes in a box or bag, consider adding your code near the product logo or in a place where it will stand out when scanned. If your product is sold as a single unit without packaging (for example: candy bars), then you could add the code on the wrapper itself or on the back of each wrapper so that it is visible when people unwrap or open up each bar individually.

Key Flowcode features you get

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for e-commerce
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What are the benefits of using QR codes for e-commerce?

There are many benefits to using QR codes for e-commerce. E-commerce sites can:

  1. Streamline the process of linking customers to products and services
  2. Quickly display product information and enable purchases with just a few taps of a smartphone 
  3. Link to interactive content such as videos and promotional images, increasing engagement with customers.
  4. Add unique or branded QR codes to marketing materials and packaging to help raise brand awareness and recognition. 
  5. Track the success of their campaigns by collecting data on how many times a QR code is scanned. For example, you can place QR codes on: packages, brochures, receipts, and billboards.
How does the e-commerce industry use QR codes?

QR codes are widely used in the e-commerce industry to send people in the offline world to digital destinations like:

  1. Websites
  2. Product pages
  3. CRM collection forms
  4. Feedback collection forms
How do I use an e-commerce QR code?

Businesses typically use e-commerce QR codes to connect buyers with products. QR codes allow for a rapid connection, where only your phone is needed to reach an online destination. Examples include: 

  1. A QR code on a billboard advertisement can send a code scanner directly to the product, where it can then be purchased. 
  2. QR code in the packaging encouraging customers to register their email.
  3. QR code on the receipt directing to a marketing campaign.
  4. Place QR codes on the products or packing to share more information
How do I create a QR code for an online business?

Creating a QR code for an online business is free and easy with Flowcode. You can create a custom QR code where you can modify its:

  1. Colors
  2. Logo
  3. Shape
  4. Pattern. 

Custom QR codes get much higher engagement than normal black-and-white codes because they pop out at you. Learn how to create a custom Flowcode.