QR Codes for Online Purchases

Send buyers to your digital destination with one click

QR codes are revolutionizing the shopping experience with their ability to direct physical customers to digital destinations. Place them on packages, physical products, TV commercials, and seamlessly move customers down your sales funnel.

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QR code on a candle

Connect directly to a product

Advertising a product? A QR code can smoothly send shoppers directly to your product page, reducing the friction between attention and conversion. After all, they are called “quick response” codes for a reason.

Upgrade your in-person marketing

In-store demos, marketing campaigns and product packaging are bolstered by adding a QR code to materials. Now it’s easy for your audience to take action.

QR codes on marketing material
QR code on TV

Harness QR technology on TV

Television is paid attention to twice as much as online advertisements. However, what it gains in attention, it loses in easy conversions and data. But with QR codes you can capture attention and engagement.

Best practices for driving purchases with QR codes

QR codes can be an instant vessel to transport potential buyers to your online store, but make sure to follow these best practices.

  • mobile landing page

    Scan to a Flowpage

    A Flowpage is a mobile webpage that can feature links to any online destination. You can highlight complementary products, social apps, and more.

  • Beautiful QR codes

    Design your QR code

    It’s easy to ignore a QR code. Most look bland. Not Flowcodes. Our design separates us from the rest

  • QR code CTA

    Clear calls to action

    A clear CTA gets people to act. Think about it, would you scan a random QR code if you didn’t know what it did?

Key features you get with Flowcode

Using QR codes for eCommerce? These features have you covered.

  • Create unlimited QR codes

    Unlimited scans

    Unlike many QR platforms, Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • Custom designed codes

    Create a custom code 

    From colors and patterns to logos and shape, customize your code to match your brand.

  • Advanced QR code analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

FAQs for QR codes for eCommerce

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