QR Codes for Health and Wellness

Gain new customers and engage existing ones using QR codes

Use QR codes to elevate your advertising materials, get potential customers to instantly sign up, guide existing members to your facility’s offerings, and more.

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advertise anywhere

Advertise anywhere

By scanning a QR code, potential customers can zip directly to your website or a membership application. Add one to flyers, signs, and anything else you can think of.

Offer limited promotions

With dynamic QR codes scan destinations can be edited without printing a new one. That means one QR code can be used for countless promotional offers.

Offer limited promotions

Keep members informed

From safety reminders and class schedules to wellness advice and promotions, QR codes around your gym or wellness center keep members in the loop.

How the health and wellness industry uses QR codes

  • get new members

    Get new members

    QR codes can be printed on virtually any surface. Drive code scanners to an application for your gym, so you can passively grow your business.

  • gym info

    Gym info just a scan away

    QR codes can be placed around your gym or wellness club to provide information about equipment or inform members of classes on offer.

  • give feedback

    Feedback is key

    Collect feedback in a dash with a QR code at your entrance that drives to a reviews page.

Tips for using QR codes for health and wellness

If you have a gym or local fitness center, you might want to consider using QR codes as a way to drive traffic into your business and get more members. Here are some ways that they can help: print them out and place them around town at strategic locations (near bus stops or popular hangouts). You could also print out posters with the code on them and post them around town. Using Flowcode’s QR code generator for memberships will help bring in new members for your gym without having to invest in expensive marketing campaigns or ads.

Print them out and leave them lying around at local coffee shops, restaurants, bars and other places where people congregate after work. These places often have WiFi access so passersby will be able to scan the code without having to do anything special — just point their phone at it!

QR codes can be placed around your gym or wellness club to provide information about equipment. Utilize QR codes for gym equipment by placing one next to each piece of equipment in the gym, so that when scanned it tells people what kind of equipment it is, how to use it, and where they can buy similar products. This is especially helpful for new members who aren't familiar with some of the equipment.

QR codes can also be used as a marketing tool by providing information on classes that are on offer at your gym. This gives members an incentive to visit your facility regularly and provides them with information about what's going on there.

The best way to get reviews, ratings, and feedback from your customers is to ask for it. You can do this by using QR codes to collect reviews and feedback.

Print them on business cards and hand them out. Attach them on posters around your gym so they're visible when people walk in the door and again when they walk out after working out (or even when they're lounging around). Include them in emails sent to members about upcoming events or promotions at the gym.

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FAQ's for using QR codes for health and wellness

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