QR Codes for Non-profits

QR codes help non-profits raise more money

Promote your cause, connect with donors, and reach new audiences with QR code technology.
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Link to videos and audio
QR codes can link directly to audio and video. Potential supporters can instantly see media you’ve prepared including footage of those in need of your efforts.
[Industry - Nonprofits] Link to videos and audio
Raise awareness everywhere
Print a QR code on flyers, swag, event signs, stickers and almost anything else, so anyone can learn about the cause with a single scan.
[Industry - Nonprofits] Raise awareness everywhere
Donations and petitions made easy
With just one scan you can direct supporters straight to your donation page. QR codes placed around a fundraiser make it simple to maximize support for the cause.
[Industry - Nonprofits] Donations and petitions made easy

How non-profits use QR codes

[Industries - Nonprofits] Build new support
Build new support
Effortlessly build a social following with QR codes that scan to your newsletter or social handles.
[Industries - Nonprofits] Measure engagement
Measure engagement
Study engagement by regions with Flowcode scan data to see where your marketing efforts should be expanded.
[Industries - Nonprofits] Direct mail donations
Direct mail donations
Forget sending checks in the mail. QR codes on mail donation requests connect supporters with a way to instantly donate.
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"QR codes have really helped STARability with making our fundraising efforts and so much more fun, versatile, easy and accessible. Being a non-profit, everything comes down to cost, and Flowcode in particular is not too expensive and with the results we've seen so far, it's worth it!"
Rachael Johnston
Marketing & Communications Director at STARability Foundation
Tips for maximizing your QR code usage
Ready to make a code?
Tap into new audiences

Nonprofits and charities are often looking for new ways to get their message out there. They want to do good and make a difference, but they also want to grow their organization, build their brand and increase awareness of the cause they support. QR codes are an excellent way to achieve all three of these goals at once. When someone scans a QR code, they're directed to another page on their mobile device where they can view more information about your organization – including links to follow you on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Flowcode's QR code generator allows nonprofits and charities to create a unique code that directs people to their website or Flowpage - our mobile-friendly landing page - where they can find all of your social media accounts that can be followed from one place instead of having users go through each individual account separately. They can also sign up for your newsletter here if desired!

Track offline engagement

QR codes allow you to measure the analytics of offline marketing campaigns. You can use them to track how many people are engaging with your product by scanning a QR code and entering a contest, or by scanning a QR code on a poster or donation flyer and downloading an app. They also work great for measuring direct mail campaigns.

With Flowcode, you can access this data in real-time and see where your customers are coming from. You can also see which types of people are engaging with your brand. This allows you to focus your efforts on specific types of consumers who are interested in your product or service. Flowcode is compatible with any analytics software, such as Google Analytics.

Improve your direct mail campaigns

Donations are a great way to increase your revenue and maintain your charity's financial stability. However, it can be difficult to get people to donate. You have to have the right message for your audience, and you have to make sure that your charity is prepared for the influx of donations. One of the best ways to encourage donations is through direct mail. This is because direct mail allows you to target specific demographics and get a particular message across. It also allows you to personalize the message for each person who receives it.

But how do you get people to donate? One way is by putting QR codes for donations on direct mail campaigns. QR codes allow you to track the effectiveness of your campaign as well as solicit donations from people who receive your mailings. Here's how: Put QR codes on direct mail in order to solicit donations. QR codes for donations allow you to track the effectiveness of your campaign through analytics tools, something that wasn’t possible before.

Key Flowcode features you get

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Custom Designed Code
Make a custom Flowcode featuring your colors, logo, and brand aesthetic.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQ's for using QR codes to fundraise
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How do nonprofits get QR codes?

Nonprofits can get QR codes easily using Flowcode:

  1. Navigate to Flowcode’s QR code generator.
  2. Select your color
  3. Choose your shape
  4. Pick your pattern
  5. Paste your destination
  6. Download your code

Additionally, Flowcode is forever free, allowing unlimited scans on their QR codes and the ability to change the link/destination whenever, eliminating the need to print new materials, or upload a new code. If your non-profit organization needs more robust solutions, then check out Flowcode’s plans.

How can nonprofits get QR codes?

Non profits can get QR codes through a QR code service like Flowcode. In order to generate a QR code, nonprofits must:

  1. Select if they want a free QR code or a paid subscription. While free QR codes suffice for many campaigns, if a nonprofit has a larger audience, then it may be advantageous to have more options. Flowcode offers a variety of plans that fit the scope of whatever a nonprofit is trying to achieve. 
  2. Once a nonprofit has selected which plan they want to use, it’s time to design the QR code. The first step is to choose the color.
  3. Next, select the shape of the QR code
  4. Choose the internal dot matrix pattern within the QR code that will hold the data.
  5. Enter a link or file.
  6. Insert the nonprofit’s logo or other images.
  7. Make sure to include a strong CTA so the audiences know what they are scanning the QR for. Examples of this include, “scan to donate,” “scan to volunteer,” “scan to learn more about our mission,” “scan to sign up for our email list.”
Can you create a QR code for donations?

You can create a QR code for donations, and harness it in many different ways, including:

  1. Linking to the non-profit's donation page 
  2. Placing it on promotional materials, like posters, flyers, billboards, and more
  3. Displaying an incentive for people to scan and donate, like discounts or exclusive content 
  4. Sharing the QR code on social media, with a call to action about why it is important to support your mission. 
  5. Track how many people have scanned the QR code and donated using analytics tools and using the data to inform later decisions.

How can non-profits use QR codes?

Non-profits can use QR codes in a variety of ways, such as;

  1. Linking to a donation page, helping to streamline the process for potential donors. 
  2. Directing to educational materials like PDFs, audio files, and videos. 
  3. Signing up new members and volunteers by displaying QR codes on surfaces that direct to a sign-up form 
  4. Promoting events by placing QR codes on flyers, posters, billboards, stickers, tickets, and more. Analytics placed on your landing pages can track which campaigns are the most effective. 
  5. Linking directly to your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook pages.

Learn more about how to use QR codes for non-profits and fundraising.