QR Codes for Small Businesses

QR codes take small businesses to the next level

Small business owners use QR codes to increase engagement on advertisements, drive traffic to their websites, get more 5-star reviews, and more.

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QR code for advertising

Use QR codes to advertise

QR codes can be printed on stickers, signs, merch, cars, and nearly any other promotional materials you can imagine. New customers can scan codes that link directly to your website.

Scan to order

Potential customers can be turned into loyal customers in a snap. Codes can link directly to your sales page to allow the highest possible chance for conversions.

QR codes for ordering
QR codes for collecting reviews

Get more reviews

Stamp a code in your store or on your products that links directly to a review site. The more convenient it is to leave a review, the more likely you are to get positive ones!

How small businesses use QR codes

  • QR codes for small businesses

    Get more data

    Collect first party data on where and when your codes are being scanned so you can adjust your advertising or sales strategy accordingly.

  • QR codes for small businesses

    Keep customers informed

    The destination of dynamic QR codes can be edited without the need to print a new code. Easily inform customers about rotating offerings or new sales and promotions with one QR code.

  • QR codes for small businesses

    Re-order in a flash

    QR codes on packaging let your customers instantly re-order your products.

Tips for small businesses using QR codes

One of the most effective uses for QR codes is to collect first party data on where and when your codes are being scanned.

QR codes can be used to collect data on what types of products are being sold in a specific location, the time of day that people are scanning your code, or even how many times a customer has visited your store. No other form of advertising can give you this type of information.

The destination of dynamic QR codes can be edited without the need to print a new code. Easily inform customers about rotating offerings or new sales and promotions with one QR code. Dynamic QR Codes are not limited to marketing, they are also useful for logistics purposes. When using dynamic QR Codes, you can easily track the movement of your products through your supply chain and ensure that they arrive at their destinations safely. You can also use them for inventory management, as well as for tracking high-value items like artwork or sculptures that require special handling.

And finally, if you have an online store, then you can easily create a unique URL for each product in your store and then use dynamic QR codes to direct customers directly to that specific product page when they scan that code on their phone. Keeping people informed is one of the most powerful uses of QR codes for business.

One of the best uses of QR codes is to create an instant link between your products and your customers.

If you have a product with a unique identifier, like UPC or EAN codes, then you can use the QR code to create a link to your online store. For example, when someone scans your product QR code, they will be taken to a landing page for that particular product. This could be a product description, reviews, or even an order form. Using QR codes for your business simply means more sales.

A QR code for your business sign is a great way to attract more attention and share more information about your business. This can help you get noticed, increase sales, and build customer loyalty.

Some businesses choose to put their phone number on their sign. While this can help drive new customers to your business, it doesn't provide much information about what you do or why you're different from the competition. A QR code is more informative than just a phone number because it gives people the ability to instantly access more information about what makes your business unique. You can display your website address, social media profiles, hours of operation — anything that helps differentiate you from other businesses in your category (or even other local businesses).

A QR code payment sign is an effective way to get customers to pay with their mobile devices. The codes can be printed on your business's receipts, coupons, and flyers, or they can be placed on your business's window or door. This type of QR code for businesses is easy to create and they are free.

A QR code is an efficient payment portal that allows customers to access the easiest way for them to pay. Include links to all the popular payment technologies: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and PayPal.

Adding QR codes for business cards allows you to share more information about your business, gather contact information, and increase engagement.

Use Flowpage, our mobile-friendly landing page, to link to all of your information in one easy place. This can include your email, phone, social media, website, education videos, and sales pages. Use Flowcode’s API to integrate with your CRM.

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FAQ's for QR codes for small businesses

QR codes can offer value to almost any kind of business, whether it’s by linking to your website through advertisements, simplifying the sales process, or collecting data and reviews.

Dynamic QR codes have editable destinations, so you don’t have to create a new code every time your contact information changes or you update your offerings.

QR codes can link directly to your website or other contact information. You could also set your QR code to link to a page to collect contact information or connect to a sales page when scanned.

Make a QR code in under 60 seconds and display it anywhere you’d like! In just a few easy steps, you can choose the webpage, PDF, social media page, or more that you’d like the code to link to. Additionally, all codes are editable live, so you never have to reprint them to change the link destination.

You can use a QR code for countless things in your small business. You can post them around your shop and link to more information on production processes, or you can display more information about the creator of your product. You can send a QR code in with your shipments to link customers back to your website, leave a review, make another purchase, or ask questions about your brand. You can also direct them to your app or social media pages to generate a more loyal following. 

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