QR Codes for Sports

Connect With Your Fans and Unlock 1st Party Data

Create seamless fan activations in-stadium and on-screen with interactive QR technology. Boost brand loyalty by leveraging conversion tools that collect contact information from an average of 85% of your viewership.
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Measure the ROI of your offline spending
Flowcode creates direct attribution and optimizes your performance media.
[Industry - Sports] ROI of offline spending
Own your first party data
Every scan is a data point. With real-time analytics and custom reports, drive insights and learning on what campaigns are performing best for your team.
[Industry - Sports] First party data
Webinar: Taking offline sports to online conversions
Sports and entertainment conversion rates are 75% higher than average conversion rates for first party data collection.
[Industry - Sports] Superbowl Webinar

Drive more connections with fans

So easy to activate, you could use it in your game tonight.
[Industry - Sports] Commercial Placements
Commercial placements
Collect contacts with TV placements and drive offline conversions at scale.
[Industry - Sports] National sporting events
National sporting events
Sweepstakes with Flowocde see an 85% conversion rate. Ready to scan to win?
[Industry - Sports] Distribute NFTs
Token fan experiences
Create unique fan experiences and drive engagement based on collectible tokens.
[Industry - Sports] Event Awareness
Event awareness
Distribute brackets, standings, and tracking pixels and ensure fans don't miss a moment/
[Industry - Sports] Jumbotron activations
Jumbotron activations
From in-stadium contests to selling tickets for the next game, measure the impact of your jumbotron.
[Industry - Sports] Activate contests
Activate contests
Get up to a 70% conversion rate for CRM capture.
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“It’s incredible to be able to see our fans engagement across a plethora of activations directly piped into my phone while I’m on site at the NBA All star game. This type of data is incredibly valuable for optimizing our initiatives nationwide."
Adam Silver
Commissioner of the NBA
Gain insights into your fans
Stadium activations

Build 1:1 interactive and contactless fan activations that can drive to any mobile and digital experience.

CRM collection

Get direct insight into who is scanning your codes. Collect and share contact info and create direct relationships.

Power your ads

From TV placements to offline campaigns, QR technology has a 3x higher conversion rate than web traffic.

Get everything with enterprise

The sports industry goes with Flowcode Enterprise.
Team Collaboration
Your team can seamlessly work across our platform to edit and adjust integration actions.
Unlimited Flowcodes
Create and update an unlimited number of QR codes anytime.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for sports
Question not answered?
How do QR codes work?

How QR codes work isn’t terribly complicated. Here is a basic overview of how QR codes work:

  1. A QR code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode comprised of black and white shapes.
  2. Codes can either be dynamic or static, with static meaning that the destinations can never be changed and dynamic meaning that they can since the data isn’t directly stored on the QR code.
  3. When scanned or photographed by a smartphone, the camera app will decode the data from the QR code and display it on the screen. 
  4. To read a QR code, you need to have an app that can scan them installed on your device.
  5. All newly released smartphones have built-in QR readers so there’s no longer a need to download a QR reader app. 
  6. Once scanned, depending on what type of information is stored within it, a variety of actions can be taken such as opening web pages, initiating text messages or making phone calls.