QR Codes for Hotels

QR Codes elevate the hotel experience

Hotels can use QR codes to share information about amenities, simplify check in, and receive feedback.

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QR codes for hotel check in

Simple, contactless check-in

A QR code in the lobby can link directly to contactless check-in and check-out. Provide your guests the option of handling everything with their phone.

Instant updates

Codes in rooms can inform guests of hotel amenities and activities in the surrounding area. Dynamic QR codes can be instantly updated so you don’t have to print a new code if there are any changes in your offerings.

QR codes for menus
QR codes for 5 star reviews

Receive feedback in seconds

Guests can use QR codes to provide immediate feedback on their experience. Link directly to review sites so anyone can easily write about their stay.

"I find Flowcode to be a user friendly platform but the customer service is what sets them apart. I requested a custom Flowcode for a hotel that recently opened and the designers took my written description and turned it into an amazing code that will sit in every guest room of the hotel directing guests to our hotel directory."

Kristin Balonier, Marketing Manager of Riley Hotel Group

How hotels use QR codes

  • QR codes for wifi

    Easy wifi connection

    A QR code in the room can provide instant wifi access or link to room service and entertainment options.

  • QR codes for restaurants

    Restaurant reservations

    Guests can book reservations at your hotel’s restaurant when they scan a QR code in their room.

  • QR codes for loyalty programs

    Loyalty programs

    Make it easier for guests to sign up for your loyalty program by adding a link to signup on your check-in page.

QR code tips for the hospitality industry

In today's connected world, it's not enough to just provide a great room service experience. A hotel's Wi-Fi needs to be fast, reliable, and easy to use. That's why many hotels are turning to QR codes as another way to improve the guest experience.

A QR code in the room can provide instant WiFi access or link to room service and entertainment options. Guests can easily scan the code with their smartphones for quick access to information about local attractions and events, or even order room service on their own time without waiting for a waiter or calling down from the room. Use a Flowpage to put all of these options together in one easy-to-use landing page. These destinations can include QR codes for tourism, QR codes for travel itineraries, travel passes, and more.

Make it easy for your guests to book restaurant reservations at your hotel. Guests can book reservations at your hotel's restaurant when they scan a QR code in their room. They can also view your hotel's restaurant menu and even order room service.

Your guests will be able to check out the menu, make a reservation, or order room service from their phone without having to leave their room. Using a QR code for hotel menu or for a reservation is a great way to bring more guests into your dining area. 

As a hotel, you want to establish a relationship with your guests so they come back to your property again and again. You can do this by offering special perks and benefits to repeat visitors, such as tourism discounts, travel passes, and more. But how do you get them to sign up for your loyalty program? One way is by using QR codes. A quick scan of the code takes the guest directly to your loyalty website where they can sign up for the program and start earning points right away.

Make it easier for guests to sign up for your hotel's loyalty program by adding a QR code in the room, front desk, or any other contact point. This makes it easy for guests who are already in their room and may not have their devices on them at that moment. The code can also be placed near check-in areas so that guests can scan it before heading out for dinner or sightseeing in town.

You can also add a QR code to your business cards, brochures and flyers so that people can scan them while they're browsing through materials at home or elsewhere away from the property itself. This way, they'll have all of your contact information at their fingertips no matter where they go. 

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FAQ's for using QR codes for travel

QR codes can be placed throughout hotels, whether in lobbies, brochures, door hangers, the room TV’s information channel and nearly anywhere else.

QR codes can link directly to room service or entertainment options to make it simpler for customers to charge additional offerings to their room. Codes can also enhance the guest experience and increase the likelihood of good reviews and return visits.

Make a QR code easily in under 60 seconds and display it anywhere you’d like! In just a few easy steps, you can choose the webpage, PDF, social media page, or more that you’d like the code to link to. Additionally, all our codes are editable live, so you never have to reprint them to change the link destination. Our codes are color, circular, and eye-catching, so you’ll make the most of your marketing efforts, for free!

QR codes can be placed around touring bus stops, prominent hotels and hostels, classic tourist destinations, and within taxis, buses, pedicabs, and more. On a printed advertisement for any tourism activity, a QR code elevates the marketing effort by bringing the viewer directly from the ad in real life to an actionable website. Then, they can find a time, sign up for a visit, leave a review, request information, and more! 

Rio de Janeiro found a very creative way of using QR codes; they laid stone mosaics in the ground around tourist sites to attract visitors to other prime destinations. These mosaics are easily scannable, eye-catching on a plain sidewalk, and really informative for tourists looking for their next destination! 

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