QR Codes for Political Campaigns

Drive engagement and raise more money for your campaign

Think of QR codes as a frictionless and seamless way to engage with voters. Engagement comes easy with these best practices.
Political TV ads
Geo-based engagement metrics
QR codes are portals into the online world. Once people scan your code, you can harness insights into your audiences demographics, locations, scan time, and more, and optimize ad spend and messaging accordingly.
Geo-based engagement metrics
Dynamic codes = dynamic campaigns
You can change the destination of Flowcode’s QR’s at any time. So if your message changes, so can your existing campaigns. No more worrying about dated material - update your messaging with ease.
Dynamic codes = dynamic campaigns
Hypercharge your political donations
A political ad might rile people up, but what next? A QR code creates a seamless portal between ad and action, meaning fewer barriers, and more donations.
Hypercharge your political donations

Best practices for improving your campaign with QR codes

Think of QR codes as a frictionless and seamless way to engage with voters. Engagement comes easy with these best practices.
Clear calls to actions
Engagement isn't a given. Clear CTAs educate and prompt potential scanners to take action, and ensure your content gets reached.
On-air is where it matters
Political campaigns spend money on broadcast advertising because it works. With QR codes you can track engagement of your ads.
Email and social activations
Effortlessly direct television audiences to your newsletter and social media sites. No more typing in long links; just point and scan.
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Learn to make your campaigning smarter
Getting started?
Unlock insights with voter engagement data

Understand your audience by monitoring scan and click activity from your QR code powered campaign. Anytime a user scans a Flowcode or navigates a Flowpage , you gain unique access to insights such as geographic location, popular dates and times, and even collect voter information. When you integrate QR codes for donations or more generally for other campaign messaging, each touchpoint unlocks an opportunity to capture another datapoint about your audience. Use this valuable data to segment your audience, identify similar target populations, and optimize how and when you speak to voters. Connecting QR codes to every part of your campaign allows you to intelligently re-target high value voters or donors, capture potential swing voters, and locate untapped potential with inactive voters. Add QR codes to your list of campaign tools that helps you make smart decisions quickly.

Modernize your campaign for maximum engagement

QR codes for campaigns have endless possibilities, especially when you use Flowcode. Flowcode’s dynamic QR codes contain smart rules, meaning you can change the URL destination for users to your liking, by time of day or day of the week. This opens up the opportunity to intelligently drive voters to urgent pages or drive to an action they are more likely to take on a certain day of the week or time. Campaigns can create QR code surveys for interactive ad-hoc polling of voters to create a direct line of communication with communities. Enable voters to share their views and opinions about policies and candidate behaviors, and have it all stored in one seamless database to supplement arduous on-the-ground canvassing. Candidates can build empathy through using QR to make them more accessible to voters with open lines of communication. Use QR codes for campaigns to drive them to your social media, enable them to ask direct questions to candidates, and hold virtual town halls or written responses to show voters that their specific needs are on your agenda. Similarly, use QR codes to enable quick access to event registration, guide users to the nearest voter registration locations, or allow them to sign-up for volunteering. Provide voters access with endless touch points to your candidate when you use interactive QR codes for campaigns.

Drive donations with frictionless and fast payments

Maintaining a steady flow of donations is fuel for a campaign. Modernize your fundraising efforts when you use QR code donations. Place a Flowcode on any OOH marketing collateral or on your direct mailers. You can similarly capitalize on moments when you’ve captured your audience’s attention and support – particularly at events and during campaign TV ads. Get the most out of these moments when you make it easier than ever for your voters to make a contribution in just seconds. Drive action by adding a QR code for donations that makes contributing to your campaign frictionless, fast, and safe. Having users to scan to donate simplifies an often arduous process, and plugs into several other automated payment methods on mobile devices like PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for using QR codes for political campaigns
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Can QR codes help with fundraising?

As public fundraising grows in importance, QR codes can be used to collect, manage, and even track donations, while making payments effortless and user-friendly. In return, you can always share exclusive content or merchandise, or political events as an acknowledgment of their financial support.

How can QR codes help with voter registration?

Despite having a wealth of information readily available at our fingertips, voters may find it difficult to locate official voter registration websites. QR codes can be used to facilitate registration, increase the number of voters, and boost turnout. It will also portray your campaign as helpful and valuable.

What can I do to get better branding for my campaigns?

Print or digital marketing assets can be embedded with QR codes that redirect the user scanning the code to the candidate’s website. As such, any promotional item, from a yard sign to a direct mail, can funnel interested individuals to a common place where they can interact with others. Plus, the QR code can act as a portal that allows them to transition between online and offline ecosystems.

I want to distribute more polls and surveys, can QR codes help?

QR codes can help to distribute more polls and surveys. Here are some ways they can help:

  1. QR codes can be used to quickly and easily share survey links with large groups of people by placing them in strategic online and offline places.
  2. QR codes can be printed on promotional materials or flyers, allowing people to quickly scan the code and access the survey. 
  3. QR codes can be used to link to survey forms or websites hosted on cloud services, ensuring that the survey content is always up-to-date. 
  4. QR codes can be used to track responses to surveys, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your survey distribution methods.