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Colorful QR codes
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May 7, 2024
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QR Codes for Events: Everything You Need to Know

Using QR Codes
QR Codes for Events: Everything You Need to Know
Alex Rosenberg
Growth Marketing
QR Codes for Events: Everything You Need to Know

If you have a promotional event coming up, don’t miss the chance to incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy. QR codes are an awesome and often underutilized tool that help you instantly connect with your attendees, create unique experiences on the spot, and stay in touch after the event. So how do event QR codes work  Let's explore how you can leverage this technology at your next event with our ultimate guide to QR code best practices, tips, and helpful hints.

Why are QR codes used for events?

QR codes are a type of barcode used to store information. When scanned by a smartphone camera or other compatible device, these codes allow users to quickly access information such as website URLs, contact information, and signup forms.

Businesses will often use QR codes to direct consumers to more information about a product or service they are promoting. For example, if you see a QR code on the side of a bus, it may lead you to an online coupon or a discount code for the store that it advertises.

At events, there are endless opportunities to use QR codes. From business cards and brochures to signage and advertisements, attendees can easily view whatever online information you link to once they scan a code.

This is why many planners are beginning to use QR codes for their events — because attendees can find out more about what's happening at the conference or convention in the easiest way possible. Create a QR code for Eventbrite, a QR code for event check-in, a QR code for event RSVPs, a QR code for event photos, and much more. The possibilities of bringing customers from offline to online are endless.

QR codes for events: benefits for customers and event organizers

With so much going on at events like concerts or conferences, it’s important for attendees to have a way to quickly check in and find what they need. By placing QR codes throughout your event space and using them for mobile check-in, you give attendees an easy way to get inside and access information about speakers, vendors, sponsors, products, and services. You can also use them as a fun way to promote special activities like meet-and-greet opportunities with celebrities or VIPs.

QR codes benefit event organizers

For event organizers, it’s impossible to overstate the benefits of QR codes. Easily capture data about attendees and their interests at your events that you can use to plan future events, connect with customers afterward, and better serve event attendees.

Streamline event check-in

This is one of the most popular uses for QR codes at events. With QR codes for event check-in, you’ll save your event organizers time by automating some of the paperwork and processes typically associated with check-in. With Flowcode mobile check-in, for instance, you can create Flowcode-powered e-tickets, help to reduce lines and make it easier for attendees to enter with just a simple scan of the QR code. You can also use QR codes to share information with attendees about the event, such as session times, speaker names, and topics covered, especially if you want to direct visitors to sessions where you will be presenting.

scan to check in

Keep track of event attendance

QR codes are a great way to automatically keep track of event attendance and learn more about visitors. Flowcode’s dynamic QR codes allow you to engage with your audience both during and after events. Easily track who is scanning your code, capture their contact information by inviting them to join your email subscriber list, and follow up with them via email to increase conversions and relevancy. If you’re wondering how to create a QR code for attendance, don’t worry — it’s easy with Flowcode.

Get more event RSVPs

QR codes are a great way to get attendees to RSVP to your event. Simply include a Flowcode QR code on the printed or digital invitation so that guests can easily scan it and visit a landing page with more information about the event. There, they can register for the event, submit payment (if applicable), and add the event to their calendars. Plus, with a dynamic Flowcode, you’ll be able to update information as the event gets closer if you want to continue building excitement, encourage social media sharing, and promote any special savings or contests related to your products or services.

Share event access

QR codes are a great way for event organizers to ensure people have the right tickets before they get to the door. When you scan the QR code on their badge or tickets using a smartphone camera, guests will be able to access your event quickly and easily. You can also enable mobile check-in by using QR codes for door entry instead of paper tickets or bracelets. People can simply open the QR code from their virtual event ticket and have it scanned upon entry without having to wait in line or fumble with physical tickets.

Distribute event photos

Using QR codes for sharing event photos is one of the most popular uses of QR codes. To encourage photo sharing, you can provide a dedicated link via your QR code where guests can upload photos before, during, and after your event. You can then create a live slideshow at your event and allow guests to download high-res photos that they want to keep as reminders of the special day. Alternatively, you can set up a photo booth where guests can access and download the images through your QR code.

sharing photos

QR codes for event management

If you're running a large conference with hundreds of attendees, there are a lot of moving parts. QR codes for event management are a no-brainer, allowing you to easily:

  1. Collect RSVPs
  2. Create a virtual attendee list
  3. Enable mobile check-ins
  4. Track attendance
  5. Collect visitor information
  6. Provide links to registration forms or surveys
  7. Offer social media links or company profiles
  8. Link to event information that attendees can access on their mobile devices

You can also let QR codes do a lot of your event management for you — place them on signage, flyers, in emails, on business cards, and anywhere people can scan the code to get information about registering for and attending your event.

QR code generator for event tickets

Using a QR code generator for concert tickets, barcode event tickets, and any kind of ticketed event improves efficiency for event managers, allowing you to print them on the back of your physical tickets or include them in an email invitation. Use these codes to enable virtual RSVPs, event check-ins, and collection of audience information that you can use before, during, and after your event. With Flowcode’s QR code generator, you can set up your own dynamic QR code in seconds and easily add it to your event tickets to streamline event operations.

QR code for online events

Want to keep your audience engaged throughout your online calendar or Facebook live event? A QR code for online events is one of the best ways to increase participation and create a community that’s interested in your brand. With Flowcode, you can create a QR code that enables virtual check-ins and instant feedback during your event, while also increasing sponsor revenue. Use the information you collect to boost future engagement and improve conversions.

QR codes for event invitations

If you’re an event organizer, you can use QR codes on your invitations and marketing materials to give people more information about your event, invite them to register, and promote your products or services. If you have any special discounts or giveaways to offer that are exclusive to attendees, put a QR code on the invite that links to a landing page where attendees can enter their email address to receive the offer. This can help increase registration and attendance rates for your in-person or online event. Moreover, don't hesitate to schedule team meetings and add a SharePoint calendar effectively discuss how to boost the registration rate.

QR codes seating chart

QR codes are a great way to help your guests navigate your event, especially if you have a seating chart or any kind of interactive or educational experience you want to share with guests. For example, you can create a seating chart using QR codes that link back to a web page that displays your event schedule, maps, location details and other information about the venue and event. You could also include additional information on this page like where to find restrooms or food vendors. This helps attendees know where they need to go before they even arrive at the event location.

finding your table

Track real-time metrics

QR codes are a great way to track the success of an event. You can use them to generate leads, collect information, and even measure real-time metrics. For example, you can place a QR code on your marketing materials such as flyers, posters, and banners. When people scan the QR code, they will be redirected to a landing page with more information on your product or service. This is an excellent way for organizers to collect leads for future campaigns. You can also have attendees fill out an online survey during or after the event so that you can better understand what worked and didn’t work during the event itself. This type of feedback helps organizers identify areas for improvement.

A hygienic alternative

Because they are touch-free, QR codes are a hygienic alternative to paper tickets. QR codes allow people to scan their tickets from their phones, eliminating the need for you or them to touch the ticket with their hands. The result is a cleaner experience for everyone — an especially important consideration in today's world, where the pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and play.

QR codes benefits for your customers

1. Waste less paper

With QR codes, people can access event information and tickets without having to print it out and bring it with them. This saves trees, reduces waste, and helps people save money on ink cartridges by not having to print anything for your event. Your QR code holds all the information they need for event access and other information.

2. Never lose their ticket

With QR codes for event check-in, your customers will never have to worry about losing their tickets for your event. This means less time spent dealing with lost tickets and a better event experience for your attendees, allowing you to focus on other activities that help your event run smoothly and grow your business. Ultimately, QR codes are an easy way for businesses to provide added value and convenience for their customers at a low cost.

3. Stay engaged with their favorite brands

QR codes benefit your customers at your events because it allows them to connect with your brand instantly. They can scan the code with their phone and instantly go to your website or social media page. This makes it easy for them to find out more about your business and keep up with your latest updates, news, and product or service releases.

How to create a QR code for an event?

Flowcode’s free dynamic QR code generator makes it easy to create your event QR code in just four quick steps:

Step 1: Go to flowcode.com/free-qr-code-generator and enter the destination where you want your QR code to point. This could be a website, a file, your social profiles, an image, an email signup form, and so on. Use the drop-down menu to make your selection.

Step 2: Download your code. You will be prompted to enter a few details about yourself and how you plan to use your QR code, so that Flowcode can customize your user experience.

Step 3: Based on this information, Flowcode will recommend either a free account or Pro+, which provides more advanced options and analytics to help you grow your business. Select which type of account you want, and voila! You will be redirected to a page containing your unique Flowcode.

Step 4: Customize your code using our templates and design tools, and give it a name. You can then download it, email it, or print it for use in all your event materials.

How to create a QR code for attendance?

To create a QR code for attendance, you may wish to create a Flowpage that allows you to create a contact collection form, which will request information such as the visitor’s name and email address. This allows you to see who is attending your in-person or virtual event and capture contact details.

How to create a QR code for Eventbrite?

Once you’ve created your QR code, easily add it to your Eventbrite registration so that scanners can go directly to your event listing and ticketing page with a quick scan. Event attendees can then move through a mobile check-in process with a digital event scanner.

Create QR code for calendar event

If you want to create a QR code for an event, schedule it first in Google Calendar. You can then use Flowcode to convert your event URL into a Google Calendar QR code that you can easily share with guests.

Create QR code for Facebook event

To create a QR code for a Facebook event, first create the event on Facebook from your business or group’s page. You can then click on the three dots to view a drop-down menu, where you can choose to create a QR code for the event.

QR code scanner for events

Do you need a concert ticket scanner or an event ticket scanner? To scan attendees’ QR codes from their virtual or physical ticket, all you’ll need is a smartphone with a camera. Simply open your camera app, point it at the QR code, and it will automatically read the guest’s information.

Other FAQs about QR codes for events

Do screenshots of QR codes work?

Yes, screenshots of QR codes work just fine. In the event that someone wasn’t able to download your event QR code, they can always take a screenshot of it instead.

How to sell event QR code tickets?

There are many ways to sell event tickets. You can sell them through your own website, via social media, or through a third-party site. Here are some strategies for selling tickets:

  • Use an online booking system that integrates with your website, such as Eventbrite. This is the easiest way to sell tickets online because it's free and automatically generates a link that you can use for your QR code.
  • Set up a table at events where you sell tickets in person, such as festivals or conventions. Add your QR code to business cards and flyers so people have an easy way to sign up for your event.
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to post your QR code and promote your events.

Are QR codes free?

QR codes are often free, but most of them expire after a limited number of scans, and their URL cannot be updated. With Flowcode, your first 10 QR codes are free, last forever, and can be updated anytime — which is helpful during your event when you want to update your URL as the event proceeds. For example, the same QR code can be used for registration, real-time updates during the event, and directing guests to download an app afterward.

How do I get a free QR code for attendance?

Your first 10 Flowcode QR codes are free and easy to create in just 60 seconds. Easily update it anytime so your event information never becomes outdated.

How Flowcode’s QR code generator can help with your next event

Do you want to stand out at your next event and make the entire process faster, smoother, and more successful for event organizers? If you’re still in the planning stages for your next event, consider setting up a QR code campaign to bring in more attendees and help promote your brand. It might just be what you need to liven up your next event and improve your return on investment.

Create a free QR code

Ready to generate a QR code in less than 60 seconds?

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Colorful QR codes
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