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Attending SXSW? Here are some QR hacks you need for any conference or event

March 6, 2023
Kayla Uytengsu

South by Southwest, or SXSW, brings together creators across all forms or media each year. The festival showcases nearly representatives from nearly 25,000 groups and organizations, making it a prime opportunity for many to build useful contacts. However, effectively exchanging business and contact information with hundreds of people over the course of just a couple days is no easy task. 

QR codes are a quick and simple solution to organize how you distribute and collect information at any event. QR codes enable you to distribute and collect resources with a quick scan, and also provide opportunities for contact collection. 

Read on to learn how Flowcode can power your event and conference attendance more easily than ever.

Why traditional methods of exchanging information aren’t effective?

About 88% of business cards are tossed away within a week of being handed out. What this means is that if you hand out business cards to ten people, nine of them are either going to throw them away or lose them.

QR codes enable people to save and store contacts and other business information digitally, skipping over the unnecessary paper copy that's easy to misplace or forget about. The future of networking is digital, especially because it also allows you to share multiple designations at once and update destinations in real time. Wrap all your professional information into one digital hub that also connects to social media accounts, website links, and more.

Here are a few additional limitations to physical contact and information sharing:

  • Business cards and other physical solutions have limited space to share information.
  • Once that information is shared, there is no way you can update all contacts instantly.
  • There is no real way to track engagement metrics with the traditional information and contact sharing methods. However, digitizing these processes gives you scan, click, and download metrics.
QR code for business conference

How to leverage QR products at upcoming events 

Flowcode’s suite of QR enabled products is designed to cover all your bases. Here's how:

1. Swap to digital business cards with Flowtag

Flowtag is the one stop solution for sharing information quickly and seamlessly. Flowtags are personal QR codes optimized for placement on your phone or wallet, ensuring you can share your information with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Scrap traditional business cards when you store all your important information on your Flowtag -- contact info, social media info, NFTS, anything you want. Even better, you can change the scan destination to be specific to a certain event and ensure the inforamtion you're sharing is relevant to different contexts and groups.

Others simply scan your Flowtag, or with the Scan + Tap option, use NFC technology to tap and automatically store your information on someone else's phone. Shop them here.

2. Create a mobile landing page with Flowpage

Flowpage a custom designed mobile landing page where you can store all your professional information -- contact information, social presence, websites, video content, and more. Think of it as your very own digital profile that you can link to your Flowcode or Flowtag. Update your Flowpage in real time for specific events and ensure you're sharing the right information with contacts for more effective follow-ups after the event.

As a bonus, Flowpage has an embeddable contact collection form. Instead of trying to gather hundreds of numbers at once, enable people to simultaneously access your digital profile and add their information for you to follow up with them the next day. Get started now.

3. Stretch content further by adding QR to any screen

QR codes transform any content into an actionable opportunity. Whether you're a keynote speaker at an event or playing a sizzle reel for your product or digital content, you can embed a QR code to any of this content to ensure interested audiences can learn more or get connected. Add a QR code to presentation slides, video reels, or any other digital content to drive traffic to your website, a mailing list sign-up, or contact exchange destination.

Flowcode's QR code is designed with a scanner in mind and will make it easy for attendees to take action in seconds. Don't miss out on maximizing your reach. Make one in minutes today.

4. Help printed material make an impact with QR codes

Physical marketing collateral enables you to grow awareness for your organization or personal brand, but isn't particularly actionable in the moment. Adding QR to any print material enables you to direct audiences to your content and online presence in order to drive them closer to your desired action, be that subscribing, shopping, or anything else. Get started.

QR codes are a comprehensive solution for gathering and managing information that make your networking and brand awareness stragegies more effective than ever. Flowcode makes it easier than ever to translate your networking and offline marketing strategies into effective information sharing and conversion tools.

Swap out business cards that get tossed or OOH marketing collateral that doesn't drive impact for digital solutions you can customize and measure. Regardless of your upcoming even or conference, be that SXSW or other, digitizing your strategy will undoubtedly help you reach and retain the audiences you seek to connect with.

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