QR Codes for Media and Agency Businesses

Revolutionize your advertising with QR codes

QR codes perfectly complement a wide range of advertising and media strategies, whether they’re used to link to a specific website, collect first party data, or offer quick app downloads.

We help power direct connections for the world's leading brands

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QR codes for agencies

Turn any surface into a link

Codes can be placed on stickers, merchandise, cars, billboards, storefronts, screens and so much else. One scan can link smartphone users directly to whatever online destination you choose.

Collect first party data

Leverage QR codes on marketing creative to build your CRM database. Digital platforms are no longer the only place to generate leads — it can happen in the real-world, too.

Collect first party data
Measure marketing engagement

Measure marketing engagement

Add QR codes to your real-world creative and see which one gets more engagement. Yup, you can A/B test ads in the physical world.

"Our company has used Flowcode's products for two years and has never considered another solution. The power of Flowcode allows our marketing team to funnel clients to the right products with less friction and more conversions. I eliminated other paid SaaS platforms and consolidated all my needs to Flowcode."

Andrew Appleton, CEO of Parade Deck

How agencies use QR codes

  • QR codes for agencies

    Custom QR codes

    Flowcode’s designers can create a custom QR code for your advertising campaign. Custom codes can help set your brand apart.

  • QR codes for agencies

    Limited time offers

    Flowcode’s dynamic QR codes have editable destinations. One code can be used to link to regularly updated coupons or promotional offers.

  • QR codes for agencies

    Instant downloads

    QR codes can be linked directly to app downloads making it simple and quick for users to be converted through ad campaigns.

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  • Unlimited Flowcodes

    Create and update an unlimited number of QR codes anytime. 

  •  Custom Designed Code

    Receive a custom Flowcode, created by our in-house designers to match your brand. 

  • Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 


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