QR Codes for Media and Agency Businesses

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Transform out-of-home marketing with interactive omnichannel marketing tools that deliver real-time 1st party data reporting. Revolutionize your strategy with instantly shoppable advertising, drive over 35% conversion rates, and gain 1:1 media attribution all through one platform.
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Media & Agency
Turn any surface into a link
Flowcode transforms TV ads to print media into interactive, clickable, and measurable commercials.
[Industry - Media Agency] Turn any surface into a link
Collect first party data
Leverage QR codes on marketing creative to build your CRM database. Digital platforms are no longer the only place to build lasting connections with customers.
[Industry - Media Agency] Collect first party data
Measure marketing engagement
Get the same comprehensive attribution for your offline marketing campaigns. Flowcode provides real time engagement data and enables effective A/B testing all in one dashboard.
[Industry - Media Agency] Measure marketing engagement

How agencies use QR codes

[Industries - Media Agency] Make ads instantly shoppable
Make ads instantly shoppable
Drive revenue through making every offline or TV ad to a high conversion engagement with scan to purchase.
[Industries - Media Agency] Scan to download an app
Scan to download an app
QR codes can be linked directly to app downloads making it simple and quick for users to be converted through ad campaigns.
[Industries - Media Agency] Collect CRM at scale
Collect CRM at scale
Build lasting brand relationships with customer contact collection. Promote contests for information exchange and increase newsletter subscriptions from any print material.
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Using QR codes at your agency? Follow these tips
Have questions about QR codes? Get up to speed on how to create a Flowcode QR code.
Improve your TV ads

QR codes are a great way to increase engagement, drive traffic to your website, and measure offline to online conversions. They're also easy to implement on TV, which is a big win for advertisers.

QR codes can be placed on TV ads in just about every corner of the screen. You can use them as captions or logos during your commercial, put them in the lower third of the screen during a show, or even place them in the background of your video content's thumbnail images. QR on TV is easy to implement because they're mobile-friendly and don't require any extra equipment for scanning other than a phone with a camera built-in. This makes it easy for people to scan them quickly without having to type anything in or wait for something to load on their phone's browser.

Privacy is paramount

QR codes are more than just a way to contact someone. They can be used to send information, data, and links. QR codes are useful in marketing campaigns, eCommerce sites, and even social media. However, they can also be used for malicious purposes.

QR codes aren't secure and rely on the user to scan them correctly. If a company doesn't have adequate security measures in place, then customers could be at risk because of a compromised QR code. QR codes can be used to load URLS but they can also be used to modify contacts, compose email in your name, and more. These attacks can include malware, phishing, hardware hijacking, financial fraud, and more.

QR codes that aren't GDPR-compliant or CCPA-compliant are vulnerable to attack from hackers or other malicious actors who wish to use them for malicious ends. Flowcode’s custom QR codes provide the only GDPR and CCPA-compliant codes on the market.

Flowcode QR codes > black and white QR codes

QR codes are a great way to market your business. The codes can be printed on cards, brochures, flyers, and more. The codes act as a link between the physical world and the digital world, allowing you to measure offline to online conversions. However, not all QR codes are created equally - a boring circle QR code is not the same as a custom-designed one that fits your brand.

Flowcode has a team of designers who can create custom QR codes for you. These designers will work with you to create a code that fits your brand's aesthetic and purpose. For example, if you're running an advertising campaign for Valentine's Day, we can design a code that fits with that theme. If you have an existing logo or branding style, we'll match it perfectly so that your customers know exactly where they're going when they scan the code. These custom codes enhance QR on TV, QR on print, QR on OOH, QR on CTV, QR on DOOH, and more.

Key Flowcode features

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Custom Designed Code
Make a custom Flowcode featuring your colors, logo, and brand aesthetic.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQ's for agencies
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What are the benefits of QR codes for agencies?

There are multiple benefits of QR codes for agencies since they let you connect with your audience through their mobile phones. Your QR code can promote your: 

  1. Website
  2. Promotion
  3. Video 
  4. Document
  5. Menu, or any other digital experience.
Can Flowcode be used for video ads?

Flowcode can be used for video ads. Flowcode TV, offered at higher tiers, can create codes specifically designed for video complete with complementary animation.

How can a QR code be used in advertising?

There are many ways a QR code can be used in advertising, not short of:

  1. Linking customers directly to an online store or promotional page. 
  2. Scanning a QR code at a point-of-sale to get more information about a product or service. 
  3. Triggering digital coupons, rewards, and loyalty programs for customers who scan the code with their phone. 
  4. Allowing customers to sign up for newsletters and other email marketing campaigns when they scan the code with their phone.
  5. Creating interactive content experiences that engage customers with audio, video, or games when they scan the QR code with their phone.
What type of media can be used with QR codes?

Almost any type of media can be used with QR codes. QR codes can link to:

  1. Websites 
  2. Phone numbers 
  3. Email addresses 
  4. Text messages
  5. Social media profiles 
  6. Maps and directions 
  7. Music files 
  8. Videos 
  9. PDF documents
  10. Product information, and way more.

QR codes can be placed on any surface, whether that’s physical, digital, or even TV. Read our 101 about QR codes to learn how you can apply them.

How can I track the effectiveness of QR codes to my ad campaign?

It’s easy to track the effectiveness of QR codes to your ad campaign. Natively, Flowcode offers Flowlytics, which allows you to gather first-party data on when and who is scanning your codes. Additionally, anyone that you direct to your website can be tracked by applications you integrate into it like:

  1. Meta Pixel and Conversions API
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Hotjar
  4. Mixpanel
  5. KISSMetrics
  6. Salesforce, etc.

Higher price tiers also offer direct CRM integration. Check out Flowcode Pro.

What benefits do Flowcode’s premium tiers offer for advertising?

While Flowcode’s free options can be a perfect match for smaller campaigns, Flowcode’s premium options provide: 

  1. A far larger number of codes
  2. A custom code design from Flowcode’s designers
  3. Smart codes that can alter their destination based on when and where they’re scanned
  4. Creative services at the highest tiers.
  5. CRM integration.
  6. Flowcode API

Find out which Flowcode tier is right for your organization.