QR Codes for Weddings

Stress-free wedding planning is here

From simple RSVPs and invitations to weekend schedules and thank you cards, organize all of your wedding details in one, easy to use place.

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Keep your wedding stress free with Flowcode

Flowcode QR and landing pages help organize all of your links, schedules, RSVP's and more!

  • Wedding RSVP with QR codes

    Instant RSVP's

    Add a QR code to your invitation for instant RSVP and avoid responses getting "lost in the mail".

  • Mobile website for weddings

    Build a wedding site

    Flowpage lets you host all your wedding links in one place, making it easy for guests to access the details they need. Best part? It only takes a minute to set up!

  • Scheduling with QR codes for weddings

    Easy access to schedules

    Instantly keep your guests in the loop. Connect a Flowcode QR code to a link-sharing Flowpage so your wedding details are in one easy to access place.

  • Share registry with QR codes

    Share your registry

    Your dream gift is a scan away. Use QR codes to instantly send guests to your registry with ease.   

  • Wedding video thank you cards with QR codes

    Modern thank you cards

    Savoring the moment is just a scan away. Add a QR code to thank you cards that links directly to your wedding video.

  • Charity with QR codes

    Mix in charity with love

    If the cause is important to you, it could be important to your guests. Place QR codes around cocktail hour so guests can donate with ease.

Wedding tips and tricks

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Flowtag contact sharing

The ultimate party favor

Give your guests a wedding favor that gives back. Flowtag is a fun, easy way for guests to share their contact info, social media, and more. Just stick one on the back of your phone and start sharing!

"Flowcode helped connect my entire wedding end to end. I wasn't stressed at all knowing that guests were able to use our Flowpage as the guide and Flowcode as an easy entry point around the venue."

Sierra Hall, Recent bride

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