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Flowcode QR and landing pages help organize all of your links, schedules, RSVP's and more!
[Industries - Wedding] Instant RSVP's
Instant RSVP's
Add a QR code to your invitation for instant RSVP and avoid responses getting "lost in the mail".
[Industries - Wedding] Share your registry
Share your registry
Your dream gift is a scan away. Use QR codes to instantly send guests to your registry with ease.
[Industries - Wedding] Build a wedding site
Build a wedding site
Flowpage lets you host all your wedding links in one place, making it easy for guests to access the details they need. Best part? It only takes a minute to set up!
[Industries - Wedding] Modern thank you cards
Modern thank you cards
Savoring the moment is just a scan away. Add a QR code to thank you cards that links directly to your wedding video.
[Industries - Wedding] Easy access to schedules
Easy access to schedules
Instantly keep your guests in the loop. Connect a Flowcode QR code to a link-sharing Flowpage so your wedding details are in one easy to access place.
[Industries - Wedding] Mix in charity with love
Mix in charity with love
If the cause is important to you, it could be important to your guests. Place QR codes around cocktail hour so guests can donate with ease.
The ultimate party favor
Give your guests a wedding favor that gives back. Flowtag is a fun, easy way for guests to share their contact info, social media, and more. Just stick one on the back of your phone and start sharing!
[Industry - Weddings] The ultimate party favor
"Flowcode helped connect my entire wedding end to end. I wasn't stressed at all knowing that guests were able to use our Flowpage as the guide and Flowcode as an easy entry point around the venue."
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Recent bride
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Planning weddings is complicated. You have to hire a staff, find a venue, and coordinate guests, all while committing to a decision that will impact you for the rest of your life. Understandably, this can be quite stressful. Luckily we live in an era where technology streamlines much of this, especially the communication with guests. With Flowcode, you can create an elegantly designed QR code RSVP that links to all the information a guest requires.

When planning a wedding, QR codes create an effortless way to share and collect information from your guests, freeing up time, and reducing stress. In other words, using QR codes for weddings just makes sense.

Make a modern invitation

People are often trying to figure out how to make an online wedding invitation since it can be expensive to send out cards. We believe that the best way to make an online wedding invitation is to use a wedding QR code paired with a Flowpage. This allows for a simple way to direct guests to all the information they could ever need.

Flowcode’s wedding QRs can be artistically designed to fit the theme of your wedding, with striking calls to action that motivate guests to respond. Once guests scan the wedding QR code, they can easily RSVP, choose their meal, find their seats, view the gift registry, send money, upload photos, view the schedule, join a Facebook wedding invitation page, and communicate with you ahead of time. QR codes are also the best way to collect addresses for weddings, allowing you to send physical invitations and thank you cards if you desire.

Spice up your thank you cards

What better way to spice up your thank you cards than to have a place where you can collect and share these once-in-a-lifetime moments? After all, one of the best parts of a wedding are the memories that come with it. Using Flowcode’s aesthetic QR codes with a Flowpage is a striking way to share your wedding video, collect wedding photos from guests, receive last-minute gifts, and much more.

Use Flowcodes for RSVPs

Rather than waiting forever for replies in the mail, using a QR code RSVP is an efficient way for guests to respond and receive all the information they need about your wedding, instantly.
Flowcode has many designs that fit the aesthetic of your wedding. No more worrying about how to word the RSVP on a wedding invitation; instead, let an aesthetically pleasing Flowcode do the talking. Figuring out how to make an online wedding invitation pop has never been simpler.

Get charitable with your guests

There are few things nobler than mixing love with compassion. If the cause is important to you, it could be important to your guests. Place QR codes branded with the non-profit’s mission around the venue so guests can donate with ease. With Flowcode, it’s easy to link to donation portals such as Venmo, PayPal, and Cashapp.

Your one stop shop for an easy mobile website

Building a wedding site is easy with Flowpage. Make your wedding invitation stick out when you direct guests to your custom Flowpage. It's the best way to collect addresses for your wedding, select meal preferences, provide directions, send a Facebook wedding invitation, collect wedding photos from guests, show seating charts, share your registry, and more. By using a combination of a wedding QR code and a Flowpage, you can consolidate all your guest planning into one easy-to-access location, significantly cutting down on the time, and hassle it takes to communicate with dozens of people.

But that's not all, you can also use Flowpage for easy wedding scheduling. If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know that schedules and locations can change. Additionally, sometimes you have to rearrange seating. Using Flowcode’s wedding QR codes in combination with a Flowpage is a simple way for guests to keep up to date on the “flow” of your wedding. On your Flowpage you can also add the functionality of simple wedding gifting. After all, your dream gift is a scan away. Use wedding QR codes to instantly send guests to your gift registry with ease. You can also use Flowcode to direct people to payment portals like Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal.

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FAQs for QR codes for weddings
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Do I need a QR code for a wedding?

QR codes aren’t required for weddings — however they make the planning process much easier for your guest. QR codes can be used for RSVPs, showing weekend schedules, linking to wedding videos on thank you notes, and more.

Want to know how to word RSVP on a wedding invitation?

People have a lot of things going on in their lives and are consistently distracted by all of the stimuli that the modern world throws at them. Therefore, we think it’s best to think like an advertiser while figuring out how to word the RSVP on a wedding invitation. Most modern advertisements are short, visually impactful, and contain language that motivates people to act - all traits that you can find in a Flowcode.

Instead of complicated wedding invitations, Flowcode’s elegant-looking wedding QR codes allow you to create a portal to all of the information that a guest would ever need when RSVPing. So whether you’re wondering how to make an online wedding invitation, or want to mail out a modern-looking invitation to your guests that says more, while costing less, then Flowcode is your answer. Remember, adding more text to a physical wedding invitation means that they are longer, and therefore more expensive.

Curious about how to create an invitation on an iPhone?

Creating an online wedding invitation on an iPhone has never been easier Flowcode’s mobile-friendly interface. Simply sign up for Flowcode and get access to our mobile platform where you can design elegant codes, view analytics, read reports, update your templates, change the destination of your QR, create your Flowpage, and more. On the Flowpage, you can link guests to whatever information they need to navigate your special day.

What’s the best way to collect addresses for a wedding?

It’s nearly impossible to keep up-to-date on where everyone lives and sometimes you may not know how to contact people you want to invite. However, one of your guests may. On your Flowpage, you can link to a form that lets guests provide the missing information that you need. Additionally, if guests need to update their information, they can do this as well, all on one simple page. Using Flowcode to streamline communication will save you time and reduce the stress that comes with planning weddings.