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Angela Ezenta-Eze Tate ('Ace')

I am a formerly 'unhoused' United States citizen, born in San Francisco, CA. There are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE like me, who are literally 'SWINDLED' OUT OF THEIR HOMES everyday. THIS is what happened: the for-planned inheritance that my adoptive-Father, James Douglas Tate, willed to me upon his passing away in July 2020, was covertly STOLEN...via theft of my identity. This thievery...was executed by my very own dishonest 'so-called family.' The betrayal has BROKEN MY HEART...and I was mentally 'STUCK' in sadly ruminating thoughts for a very long time. All that changes TODAY, 'BLACK MAMBA' MONDAY, February 20, 2023. I have finally made a firm decision to allow deeper healing into MY HEART, and strategically move forward with ALL OF MY DREAMS, including honoring my Dad by 'replicating' his KIND SPIRIT with this vitally-needed Project. GOD sees EVERYTHING, so LIFE CONTINUES TO EVOLVE BEAUTIFULLY, 'Day By Day.' LOS REYES MEXICAN RESTAURANT, located in Bay Point, CA (50 miles east of SF) is offering ST. JAMES' PROJECT W.A.R.M.T.H. (With A Receptive Mind To Help) a minimum 25% DISCOUNT on all dinners priced at $10.00 (or more), PLUS use of their vast parking lot for meal and clothing distribution. We truly appreciate Mario and the entire LOS REYES staff...beyond words, for helping to launch this humanitarian venture successfully! Please assist in sharing an 'Act Of Kindness' with those who are entitled to A DAILY MEAL THEY CAN COUNT ON. My Father is PROUD that I have decided to to transform my PAIN...INTO 'POWER.' "Good Job Angie!" ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ THANK YOU FOR BECOMING A 'VALUED' PARTNER WITH US! 🙏🙏 GOD BLESS. 🙏🙏


ST. JAMES' PROJECT W.A.R.M.T.H. (With A Receptive Mind To Help) is committed to assisting homeless men, women, children and their animals with A HOT MEAL and WARM CLOTHING daily here in The Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We seek 'Partners' to assist us in achieving record-breaking success with this 'Humanitarian Venture'. Ultimately, we envision our recipients securing PERMANENT HOUSING via property acquisition to build 'Tiny Homes' starting right here in Bay Point, CA (50 miles E. of SF).