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Hi Bro and Sis, Welcome to the Aneka Collection Store. It's time for the PPKM cloud shopping era! God willing, you're always in a healthy, prosperous and happy state. We provide a variety of fashion products, clothing, shoes, and daily peripheral needs for Muslims/Muslims wherever you are. In the current condition of the Covid-19 pandemic, where government regulations regarding PPKM are always sustainable. Familiarize ourselves to live regularly according to existing rules, and force us to not be free to leave the house to shop and fulfill our daily needs. You don't need to worry, because we will always update some fashion products for Muslims with unique, elegant and luxurious designs but with cheap and rational prices. And of course we will always provide affordable prices for all circles of the ummah according to economic conditions which are still in a moderate and uncertain situation at this time. God willing, in the future we will also provide several "Preloved / Thrift Shop Quality Choices Grade Supershift" products, and "Delivery Services (Jastip) from abroad", for certain selected imported products with good quality and best in class. Wait for updates on some of these selected products in our store. Let's shop while worshiping and doing charity to fellow Muslims, because 2.5% of the difference in the selling price of profits in each of our store products, we will donate to several orphanages and Islamic boarding schools in several cities, districts, and villages. In the process of distributing the funds that have been collected, several foundations will assist in the distribution of funds in collaboration with Baznas. And the noblest thing, of course, is you, because unconsciously you have participated in helping the survival and welfare of industrial employees in the country and humanity. In terms of the sale of some goods produced by the National MSEs/MSMEs. Because we take these products directly from the first hand or in other words we take some of the goods produced directly from the manufacturer of the factory making the finished goods. Happy Shopping while Infaq and Worship, God willing, Blessings! Amen Ya Robbal Al'amiin! Masha Allah, Tabarakallah.

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