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Bina Ayesha Banks

Owner/Chief Visionary for the B Ayesha Inc. Group || Amazon Best Selling Author || Motivational Speaker || Chronic Illness Purpose Coach || Graphic Designer || Brand Foundation Architect

Need Something Custom Designed?

Thank you for ordering a custom item from B Ayesha Inc. From birthdays, trips, family reunions and everything in between, it will be our pleasure to provide you with quality work. Our custom items don't stop at t-shirts. We can also provide other custom items at your request. Examples include but are not limited to clothing, shoes, cups, mugs, wine glasses, wood work and the list goes on. We stand by our work and will ensure that your work is done to your satisfaction. PLEASE NOTE: For custom designs on products, there will be a $25 dollar design fee due prior to mock-up being emailed. This amount will go towards your order and will be subtracted from the final pricing. Design fees are nonrefundable. Custom orders take 7-10 days to process after mock-up and payment. Please allow up to two weeks from payments until receipt. For custom stand alone graphics and logos, email [email protected]. A 50% deposit is due prior to the starting of your design process. Thank you so much, ~Bina Banks Owner/Chief Visionary, B Ayesha Inc. Please be very detailed with your request. Details should include description, quantity and deliver by date.