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The Witch Broom Hilda

A witch for a time such as this... Greeting magical ones! I am your witch, Broom Hilda. I am a seer and spiritual advisor. I also craft really neat magical tools and artwork. It stirs my brew to share my offerings with the online magical community with Broom Hilda's Cauldron, a place to practice and learn divination, obtain divinely inspired life coaching and purchase one of a kind, custom made magical tools for your collection. About me: I was born into the charmed life. Daughter of witch and of warlock. Eldest of 13 sisters. I am a third degree priestess and keeper of ancient rites and rituals which I have adapted for a more practical and modern application. I am a Plaedian Starseed and Goldenrod Lightworker born with the ability to tap the matrix and alter the timeline. I am here to guide witches and mortals alike to connect with the divine destiny of your lineage in order to achieve your highest potential and undo cycles of generational karma. I invite you to join my journey of spiritual development and growing my magical business. Blessed be!

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