Welcome to Chakradance™ with Celine Sauvet's Avatar

Welcome to Chakradance™ with Celine Sauvet

MOVEMENT, MEDITATION, MUSIC AND MANDALA ART are at the heart of the well-being movement modality I facilitate. After realizing how much I needed to move my body, I finally discovered a modality that I was happy to practice (even after a super long day of work!) and had all the things I liked: meditation, music and dance. I was also willing to learn more about the main energy centers and was intrigued by the art component. I love that is not about making something 'beautiful' and that no one analyzes or judges what we made. This work is greatly based on Jungian psychology principles as founder Natalie Southgate is a Jungian therapist. Through this work, we dive into archetypal work (universal energies). This is a non-denominational movement modality. It is about FEELING, and accessing our subconscious in a gentle, yet powerful way. Anyone can participate. Some people will just come to experience the healing power of music, while sitting. All of you is welcome. I offer different formats and am available locally, nationally as well as internationally. Feel free to get in touch via the vocal note messaging below or via the contact form on the website! Kindly, Celine Sauvet https://www.celinesauvet.com Bilingual: English and French (mother tongue) Based in Beaumont, TX, USA. Private/Corporate/Non profit/Higher Education settings Festivals, seminars, conferences, retreats, settings