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Colleen Coadic

PoShens small batch prodigious product co-creator, has been a been a licensed, professional manual therapist health care professional (LMT), and Traditional Usui Practitioner, Master-Teacher, and energy medicine intuit for as long as it's taken her to write, produce and tour 5 award winning CDs...when these were the tools of music sharing. Yes, she's all digital now. (amazon, cdbaby, itunes...)Yoga instructor certified, and soon to be Level One and Two nationally certified Aromatherapist, Canuck born Col lives life to the fullest, makes potent powerful PoShens in small batch form, writing a new 'album' in our near post pandemic new world, high in the mountains of Alaska. When not teaching Reiki classes practicing a Zen Siddha form of Buddhist meditation, Tai Chi, or QiGong, Col likes tromping around Alaska's jaw dropping nature up close, and creating whole wall art (think 10' tall dragon), with a natural clay product. DIYer. Why yes.