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Dawn Bryant

I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB non small cell lung cancer in 2019. I am currently on disability because I am no longer to have a “real” job. My disease is very unpredictable and I never know when my good or bad days are going to be so I live my life day to day. I really felt the need to help contribute to my family’s needs so my husband wasn’t feeling like everything was on him! So I chose to try Scentsy especially because I just love ALL the product!
I was very unsure of whether or not this could be a "real" job in a time where my family needs extra money. 
I look forward to the all the amazing opportunities that will also give me quality relationships!
The recognition, rewards, and vacations are pretty awesome too!!

Outside of Scentsy I love making things out of paracord, I love working in the yard, and doing anything outdoorsy when I can. But most of all I love spending time with family as much as I can! I am a mom to 3 wonderful children. I have 5 grandchildren and expecting 2 more! My grandchildren keep me going. They call me “Umma” (grandmother), I was originally Oma but my granddaughters changed it😂