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Diego Antunes (DAX) is a Brazilian Artist and Music Producer focused on Soundtracks production. He has his Italian origins, with relatives born in Tuscany region (Italy). He was born and lived until 15 years old in a small city called Tatui, later he starts living near to Sao Paulo (capital). He began studying music at him 8 years old with some teachers from a famous Conservatory in his hometown, where he've done classes about various instruments, such as Flutes, Clarinets and Pianos. With 11 years old, DAX chose to become a drummer and percussionist, concentrating all his efforts on drums. After completing his studies in high school, he joined the Paula Souza - FATEC university for the Phonographic Production course in Tatui-SP city (Brazil). He've played for 10 years with party bands, weddings, rock bands, electronic music and pop music. DAX traveled throughout Brazil and surroundings, playing and promoting their art.