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DJ Avelanche is a distinguished figure in the music industry, boasting an impressive resume that spans decades. As a seasoned radio and mixshow DJ, he has graced the airwaves of renowned platforms, including Sprint Radio, AT&T U-Verse, and Harmon Khardon, as well as numerous terrestrial stations. A Proven Track Record of Success Avelanche has had the privilege of sharing stages and opening for an esteemed roster of artists, including Cashmere Cat, Anna Lunoe, Tesla, ZZ Top, Bret Michaels, Joan Jett, Ma$e, PM Dawn, and N'Sync. He has also had the opportunity to perform at after-parties with legendary acts like Bell Biv Devoe and Brian Setzer. Versatility and Adaptability Avelanche's versatility as an open-format DJ allows him to seamlessly blend a diverse range of musical styles in his mixes. As a remixer, he expertly modernizes both new and classic songs, showcasing his genre-fluidity and ability to adapt to current musical trends. Additionally, Avelanche has produced original tracks and hosted mixtapes for independent artists. Inspiring the Next Generation In 2023, Avelanche was able to get his 16-year-old student the opportunity to become the youngest NBA DJ for the Portland Trailblazers G League team, The Rip City Remix. In 2024, Avelanche continues his relationship with the Remix, joining the lineup as the newest member of the Rip City Remix DJs. Prepare for Exciting New Releases Fans can look forward to the release of new singles from DJ Avelanche in 2024, including a collection of remixes. With his unparalleled talent and industry expertise, Avelanche is poised to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the music world.