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Elevate - How & Why to Donate

In 2022, Elevate has a couple initiatives planned. Founder Vince spent all of 2021 plotting big moves, and he's ready to announce that Elevate has prioritized its initiatives for the year and will execute as many as we have time and money for. Our runners up are an employment program, a fresh food/hot meal initiative, free sites stocked with fresh food and a mini kitchen, clothing closets across town, and a community garden. But we are going to focus on implementing a peer counseling program for the unhoused. It is not therapy, but we will be creating a science/psychology-based training for our volunteers so they can handle anything. They are not meant to be psychological professionals instead more of an all-purpose guiding force. The idea is to help with their individual immediate needs while providing an element of support for their mental state, offering a friendly ear. We are friends and activists, just trying to help however we can. If you'd like to volunteer as a peer support specialist, get in touch via elevatecollectiveclayton.com. Our goal is to support 22 unhoused individuals in 2022. More than anything for that we need volunteers. Donations are great but your time will stretch twice as far! Get in touch below.