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1:1 personal nutrition coaching or group coaching.. with a personalized plan, and access to message me as your dietitian any time you need (what other practitioner do you know that you can get help from in between check ins?!). High accountability, education behind the WHY of your nutrition.. not just the what. High support! To fuel and improve athletic performance, and improve your relationship with food Ideal client: The active woman or man who is tired of dieting, tired of yo-yo weight loss and gain, tired of that all or nothing mentality. Who likes to be active but feels low in energy and is lacking results. Who wants to improve their relationship with food, improve energy, improve body composition through FUELING your body, not restricting it. Learning through education how to build your plate for your needs, your work day, events, holidays, birthdays, and more. To find out more about my programs, go to Www.EnergizeNutritionRD.com/apply to schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery call so I can hear more about your goals, explain more about my program and answer questions you have, and figure out how I can best help you be successful with your nutrition, fitness, mindset and wellness goals!!! You can also find me on Instagram! @energizenutrition.withmelissa for tons of free resources