Hello to all my Flossie Design Shoppers. My name is CurKeena (Keena) Campbell and I am the CEO and designer of Flossie Design LLC. The brand name Flossie comes from my Grandma Flossie, the most inspirational woman in my life. She groomed us to become a better version of herself and showed us all so much love and affection. So therefore I created Flossie Design in remembrance of her. I am a 21 year Navy Retired Chief, and enjoyed my career up to the last day. I am back home with my family and happy to have them with me on this NEW Adventure. I have always wanted to create and my husband is the one who pushed me to do my best. So here we are about a year later flourishing in my dream. Please look around and shop to your hearts desire. If you cannot find what you are looking for please send us a message to let us know your hearts desire.