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Isaiah Green born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky the land of the Bluegrass Church Hill Downs of the Kentucky Derby grew up around a musical family especially hearing the sounds of his mom humming to original melodies that filled the room. As the youngest of 5 siblings music became the families down time after countless days of tournaments and competitions with a house full of athletes. As a competitive family it became natural for it to carry over into music as he mom constantly entered the family into competitions as Kidzbop and musicals. In the late part of 2015 the family packed up and moved to Jacksonville, Fl we’re Isaiah continued to grow and be inspired to write and freestyle with his brothers. No soon after two years he had volumes of unrecorded songs and he reached out to pursue his musical interests by recording in his friends house and collaborating with him on a song he made. After word got out that the phenom All Star Basketball Player makes music it became clear to him that his music was in much demand as he was bombarded with questions of when his music will come out!
 After various preparation it was time to release the expression of his smooth new wavy sound with a fresh breath of air music debuting his first Single “I’m Wavy” in 2019 that hit 20K on Spotify with the help of his Music Video that gave his fans first glance at this phenomenal artist. A “New Wave” sound that is sure to set the waves high as the year went on the fans grew more and more interest and demanded more of gr.leaf he decided to release his second Single “Where You Been”! No doubt if your watching this Artist you haven’t seen anything yet, his popularity has caused him to level up and land Brand Endorsement deal on the table for a very popular drink Lemon Perfect and hitting 145K on TikTok. Gr.leaf is not ashamed of him starting out with small beginnings he says just keep watching your definitely going to see him shine!

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