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Welcome to Grace Point Church of God. (Disclaimer only a Church on Roblox not Real Life) ---------------------------------------------------------- Grace Point is more than a building a program a worship style or even an organization—We are an online youth-led, loving, moving, growing body made up of uncommon people who come together to a common purpose. We thrive in and through the lives of people whose simple desire is to know and worship God and to share the message of Christ’s love to the world. We Preach the Truth and nothing BUT the Truth of God. ------------------- Applications: Open. ------------------- Current Pastors: Senior Pastor: Zacharytarheel11 Assistant Pastor: JvstMetro Outreach Pastor: sspilttea ------------------- Church Times/Days: -Eastern Standard Time- Wednesday @6:00pm-7:15pm Friday @5:30pm-6:30pm ------------------- Church Updates: Grace Point has now got our first Church!