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Hamlet Martinez has a passion for real estate with a sweet spot for helping people find properties they can call home and sell properties that will become home for someone else. His journey into the industry began at age 24 when he purchased his first rental property in Paterson, New Jersey. A blue-collar worker at the time, he was able to put in the hours, save and make the purchase. Always seeking opportunities to advance and prosper, Hamlet has owned his own franchise cleaning company and has juggled up to 3 jobs at a time while tapping into side hustles like Uber, Lyft and a successful Airbnb. He knows the value of hard work and his ethic makes him particularly conscious of treating his clients’ dollars as if he put his own sweat into earning them. An avid traveler, and an arts and culture lover, Hamlet is a student of Jersey City’s Segunda Quimbamba Folkloric Center where he learns the drum music of Puerto Rico. He also runs a podcast about culture and travel called Cultura Lovers. Born and raised, until the age of 17, in the Dominican Republic, Hamlet ensures he makes space for supporting his community on the island by organizing basketball tournaments that benefit the youth of the neighborhood he grew up in. Understanding that a good home and community are of paramount importance, Hamlet keeps that front and center in his work as an agent. Hamlet earned his associate’s degree in Applied Science from Bronx Community College and resides in Jersey City, NJ.