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As an individual with a background in various areas that include law enforcement, customer service, sales, military, volunteer, parent, and/or mentoring. I have had my share of Hard Knocks and I wanted a name that reflected those experiences. Creating this name was important because I wanted a brand that others could relate. Often, entertainers express their life experiences through their art, I have been directly and/or indirectly affected by these same experiences. Music is a form of therapy which allows someone to speak about a very uncomfortable experience, that normally would not be discussed at your family dinner or among your peers neighborhood setting. These topics range from homelessness, betrayal, unemployment, mental illness, rejection, abuse, stereotypes, trauma, bullying, injustices, entitlement, laziness, abandonment, absentee parent, etc. We have experienced failures and learned from those mistakes, some of those lessons may have taken much longer than others but it is those experiences that allowed us to become a better version of ourselves. Hard times are not an easy road to travel, nor does that road carry with it an expiration date. An individual can have a great 5 years mentally, physically and financially but the next 10 years hit by a life changing situation that makes you feel like you are in a mental, physical and financial tsunami, questioning it’s end date. That period of hard times could leave you friendless, divorced, homeless and/or jobless with a mountain of questions like “How did I get here?”, “When will it end?” and “What is my purpose?”. There are no bias on who is affected by the Hard Knocks of life, you can be a high school student or an executive of a Fortune 500 Company. This phase of your life isn’t permanent, and you may experience it several times but your life isn’t over, it’s a season. Convert that inward negativity into energy that will allow you to create, redefine and overcome those challenges.