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Reading For Peacemakers

Chapters: 1) Why Mindfulness? | 2) It Starts With The Breath | 3) True Relaxation | 4) Watching The Breath | 5) Focus Is More Than Focusing | 6) Mindful Productivity | 7) Mindfulness And The Body | 8) The Wisdom Of Change | 9) The Yin-Yang Of Acceptance | Tips For Your Mindfulness Practice | Mindfulness On The Go! | Glossary

I love the phrase, “I am not my thoughts and my thoughts are not me." It’s quite liberating to consider this novel idea. How many of us have felt badly over something that crossed our minds? I remember wondering if something was wrong with me, even questioning if I was a bad person, simply from the thoughts that coursed through my head. Now, however, I realize that this is not the case and that the brain is a random thought-tossing machine.

"I enjoy the mix of ancient texts with how to apply the learnings in contemporary society. There's a nice balance of why along with how-to that's easy to apply."— Ariana Friedlander, Author of A Misfit Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Business Your Way

“The book gives clarity to the power of the breath, and mindfulness. We say “breathe” when stressed; but do we really understand what that means? This book is a “must have!” —Gloria Petersen, Author of The Art of Professional Connections

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