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Welcome to House of the Remnant "The Remnant StL" Rev. T. Ricardo DeLoach - Lead Servant/Founder Founded - 2021 Established - 2022 House of the Remnant is a New Testament church where we strive to alter, change, and renew the mind from “Church” and “Religion” to “Kingdom” and “Relationship.” To stretch beyond the ordinary workings of church and to experience God in His fullness. To go hard after the heart of God. To minister to the lost, broken, forgotten, discouraged, and abused. To capture the “unchurched.” To break past emotional highs and break forth genuine worship. To be instant in season and out of season. Not just to shout the people, but grow, activate, and birth change in individuals. We are called to minister to the WHOLE person. This includes and not limited to financially, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Worship Opportunities: Sunday Evening: Every Sunday at 5pm (Move Church) 6707 W. Florissant Ave. Jennings, MO. 63136 Monday Night Manna: Every Monday at 7:30pm via Facebook Live ( Wed. Night Bible Study: Every Wed. Night at 6:30pm via Zoom We'd love to share with you in worship at any or all of these worship encounters.

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