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Kiara-Marie Perez

Aloha and welcome everyone. I'm so thankful that you are here. I am just a 23 year old Hilo girl trying to find my path in life. I felt called to Financial planning specifically for the value of the concept. A year ago my boyfriend and I purchased our first home and I realized the only person I knew who owned their home was my grandma who built her home 50 something years ago. Everyone who found out about this huge step in life for us was shocked, basically in disbelief that we were able to purchase a home. This truly saddened me to see my local community and 'ohana feel like this is an impossible goal to accomplish, or feel that they need to move away to do so. This alone sparked a burning flame inside of me to help people of all sorts accomplish their financial no matter how big or small. Because nothing is impossible, it's easy when you're planning!