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Save on Energy Bills & Feeding Kids

Peace Family It’s unfortunate but #COVID 19 has had a tremendous effect on all of lives for the last few weeks. #Unemployment is at an all time high and many people may be looking at ways to #save #money on their #expenses For the last few years, I have helped people reduce their cost on various #home and #business expenses with one of those expenses being #gas and #electricity. With everyone being home and using more electricity more than ever, its a great time to explore options that may reduce and even eliminate your gas/electric expenses. Ladies and gentlemen please feel free to respond with your zip code below and I will see what programs may be available in your area. A meal will be donated to Project Feeding Kids for each person that I am able to help lock in their rate to feed a child. If you live in any of the following states, I can pretty much guarantee a competitive rate for you depending on your area: -Connecticut -Illinois -Massachusetts -Maryland -New York -New Jersey -Ohio -Michigan -New Hampshire -Pennsylvania -Rhode Island -Virginia (Northern) I would greatly appreciate if you please add your email or phone number with zip code to get started. I’ll be sure to contact you immediately. Hence, please "Share" this with your network. This could be a tremendous help for many especially #homeowners and #businesses during this time!