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Jack Scotney-Castle

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Sharpening Info

Schedule an appointment: Call, Text, Email, or DM my sharpening account

Pricing: $5 job fee (or every 15 items) + All item prices are quoted in person and varry on blade condition, shape, and size

Typical price range: Plain edge under 12in: $5-$10 ~ Serrated: $12-$17 ~ Scissors: $7

Kitchen knives, serrated knives, pocket knives, scissors, garden shears, axes, shovels, lawnmower blades, pizza wheels, mezzalunas, swords (got something else? let me know and I will see if I can sharpen it)

Pickup and Delivery sometimes available for Morgan Hill & San Martin (contact me for a quote)

Pocket Knives

Sharpening options: Standard #1000 with a 2.5μm polish ~ Working edge #320 with a light 2.5μm polish

Full service: I will fully dissassemble, clean, sharpen, lubricate, reassemble, and tune your folding knives(not every knife is eligible) ~ $15-$25

News Letter & Availability

Jack's Newsletter! (Click on this bubble to sign up)

This is my main form of communication with you about new sharpening options and availability. Now that I am attending UC Davis knife sharpening dates will be limitted. I will be posting dates available for sharpening in this newsletter first and then on my instagram later so sign up here to get priority notice.