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1963 – Present: Personal Sports Interests Beginning @ 5 Yrs of Age Avid Snow & Water Skier, Golfer, Swimmer, Tennis, Baseball & Basketball Player January 1990 - Present Provider of Event Staff & Private Chauffeurs to Upper Echelon Hosts & Business Traveers in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County NY areas. April 2006 – May 2011: Student of Internet Marketing Invested 5 yrs of my life from 2006-2011 learning how to market online. Today, there are opportunities where newbies to the online space are rewarded simply for doing tasks which result in sales and success. July 2012 - Present Single dad to 3 Astute College Age Young Men. March 2020- Present: The COVID Era Pivoted to High Ticket Affiliate Marketing assisting those whose source of income has been shattered by the pandemic as well as those interested in moving their life online where it is "safe" to work with others and not be exposed to the coronavirus. Online opportunities are also for those who are self motivated and seek time & financial freedom to do what they want, when they want, for as long as they want and with whom they choose! This is accomplished by leveraging our personal Facebook profiles to generate leads organically w/o paying for any ads. While the process is simple it may not be easy. Success online is rewarded to those who show up and work consistently doing the tasks that produce income. Due to my online knowledge and experience I am a member of a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM) training platform responsible for producing hundreds of success stories over the past year. You can test drive this platform by enrolling in a 4 day training blueprint which is the core of the training for a small investment of $50 (with a 100% money back guarantee) - Click Training Platform link below. [Note: If the link doesn't forward properly send me a PM direct thru FB Messenger and I will text you the link directly.]

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