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Kepler’s Third Birthday!

Hi friends! Story time! Every year in honor of my birthday, dad contributes to a rescue-centric charity or local shelter: either financially or by providing toys, food, and/or volunteering time. In our little community, all of us are so deeply loved, and incredibly blessed to have paw-rents and friends that ensure our comfort and well-being every day, but there are many doggos out there who aren’t as fortunate and could use our love, encouragement and a helping hand. Please ask your paw-rents to celebrate my third birthday, in lieu of gifts or treats, by filling up your re-usable goody bags (after enjoying your yummy treats and toys of course!) and bringing them to a local animal shelter or pet rescue of their liking! If they would prefer to help out virtually, we've linked to a few causes that we have supported over the last three years, in case they would like to learn more or are looking for a place to start :) I may not know any math, but I do know that lots of little helping paws, make a big difference. Thanks and much love, — Kepler!