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Kristin Sparks

Kristin Sparks is a pull-up, your bootstraps kinda gal, always landing on her feet no matter the life challenge. She is originally from Houston, Texas but has lived across this country from sea to shining sea. She is the mother of two daughters, one son, a daughter and a son in-law. One of her greatest Joys is being Grandma KK to her favorite seven grandchildren. Kristin is a writer, speaker, PODCASTER, philosopher, and the Executive Director of The Sister Wyrd Foundation, a Nonprofit supporting and celebrating women on their journey of self-transformation. Kristin is genuinely grateful every day to enjoy the Floridian Salt Life in her chosen piece of paradise with her wife of many years, her pug, and her kitty. Kristin lives for and by Joy, allowing the true nature of the Divine Universe Source to direct and inspire her.