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Le Cierge is a Woman-owned and Family-operated home-fragrance boutique. Jocelyn, with her sons Kevin and Armani, founded Le Cierge with the deliberate intentions to deliver hospitality, luxe home-fragrance solutions, and custom fragrance pathways throughout your home. While having wonderful fragrances throughout their own homes is important, moving throughout each living area and blending the aromas from one room to the next is consistent with the highlight offering of Le Cierge called "Savor Transitioning." The Le Cierge Trio understands that home-fragrance solutions are more than just a candle or sachet, but in fact is a mood and emotion influencer. This team understands the clients they serve and products they deliver. They agree that "People want to feel good and be treated very well." So, taking great pride in their products, packaging, product knowledge, and offering live assistance is the foundation in which Le Cierge has been developed.

Be a modern lifestyle trendsetter

Thank you for showing your support for Le Cierge (which means the candle). I am so excited to launch and share products that have helped me, in my fight with Graves Disease, to re-center myself. Le Cierge will provide home-fragrance solutions such as candles, sachets, room sprays, and fragrance oils...to name a few. I am working very hard to ensure that I fulfill my own mission: "delivering quality home-fragrance solutions for modern lifestyles." As a give back brand, we donate a portion of sales to provide 3 meals for children and/or fighting against human trafficking. Moreover, all of our products are made in the USA!!! Now then, we are on schedule to launch on October 1, 2020 and want to get everybody in gear to experience southern hospitality in a virtual space, while creating a savory fragrance throughout their home.