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Gardite Fougy is a woman that has overcame many adversities. She grew up in a single parent household and assumed a lot of responsibility at a young age. She experienced verbal, emotional and physical abuse to being involved in abusive relationships that resulted in feelings of emotional destress feelings of emptiness, loneliness and confusion. The catalyst that helped to change her path was seeking and understanding herself. Seeking the Lord through the word of God helped her tremendously. Also, changing her circle of friends helped her to rearrange her goals, such as  fixing her finances and being in a position to Empower her children and community. Gardite has been in a position to help coach and empower other families for the past 6 + years as a Family Partner in the mental health field has helped to establish her as a leader and advocate in the work place, a confidante in her personal in her professional life. Her personal and professional experience has made her a well-rounded woman to be able to help encourage woman and help to change the future as a inspirational speaker. As CEO of Legacy Leverage Financial, she has help continues to move forward helping to empower people to be  more self-aware and push forward towards their dreams.

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