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Hi, I'm Cecilia Clark and this is "Made For You" story I am a high school student who is wanting to help Foster Children who come into the system with "Ready To Go Kits". When children come into the system they have nothing with them. Kids come into the system at all hours, Foster Families most likely don't have a lot of the basic everyday items. I have been one of those children, I know what it feels like. I want to help the agencies, families and the child with having something. Each kit that I make has a personal message for each child, letting them know they aren't alone and that they are loved. When in the system, you don't really have anything for yourself, especially when you move. The one thing I got to keep was a blanket...something that was mine and alone, though all the 5 homes I went through. I made handmade blankets for each child with a message on them. Since starting this project, I have been able to create more kits. We have baby diaper bag kits, toy kits, clothing kits and the most popular kits for ages 18-24 we have kitchen/bathroom/bedroom kits. All I ask is we can receive more items as such. Due to things now, I am not able to collect money so with the links on my Facebook page I can receive items that the agency really needs.