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Welcome 2 Maya's World! Maya is a future foodie and daughter of a food blogger. She loves to help her mom in the kitchen and is the main character in her children's book, The ABC's of Cooking in Maya's World. The ABC’s of Cooking in Maya’s World takes readers on a kitchen island tour of cooking in the kitchen and teaches them about kitchen gadgets and cooking techniques. Maya learns everything she knows from her mother who is a food blogger. Cooking is one of Maya’s favorite things to do and sees herself being a future foodie. Starting with A and ending with Z, this beautifully illustrated book empowers kids in the kitchen and is the perfect way to introduce kids ages 4 and up to the joys of cooking. From the technique of frying and grilling, to the kitchen tools of a ladle and a whisk, to cooking techniques such as infusing and velveting, children learn all about the ABC’s of Cooking.