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Hi! I'd like you to get to know me a little bit. I do love to travel, I love night drive imagine driving on a long road seeing those lights ugh my soul! I also love to watch movies, genre? Comedy/ Action and Horror and Thrillers sometimes I like watching actions because I get intense and excited and I feel like I'm in the play. I am pure Filipina, born in the Philippines, and went to America to build the American Dream! I grew up in a province where we live a simple and happy life with my friends and family. I love adventures! I also love to try new things, new foods as well! haha! My favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson because every movie that he makes shows bravery that's why I looked up to him, also you can see the passion when he acts, when you watch him you don't see him as 'TheRock' you see him as that character that he's acting, he's just so great! Also, my favorite TV Show is Peaky Blinders, I love them so much the characters are so great and I learned a lot from them from self-development to self-bravery there's just so much to learn from that TV Show, Thomas Shelby is my favorite character not because he's the main character it's because he has this power on him that changed him when he came to war something that made him strong. Uhmm one more thing I love to cut my hair whenever I want to, Yesss I'm that type of woman who cuts her hair when she gets bored cause I BELIEVE IT WILL GROW ANYWAY, I have faith and I believe that my hair will always grow whenever I cut it! And so that's it for a little bit getting to know me if you want more don't hesitate to message me!