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Moses Mteuliwa

Prophet Moses is called in both the Prophetic and the Apostolic Ministries. He is the found and the Senior Pastor of the “Holy City Church” based in West, Nairobi, Kenya. He is Passionate about Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Bring Change to humanity and impacting Nations. He has ministered on national television, internationally, on social media, organized several crusades and gospel outreach programs. In his ministry he has addressed the issues of generational curses, healing and deliverance, poverty, unemployment and demonic attacks amongst others. Prophet Moses vision is to ensure people get saved, healed set free and empowered. His purpose is to raise up a holy and righteous generation that will serve God whole heartedly and worship Him in the truth and in Spirit. His goal is to win thousands of soul’s yearly teaching, baptizing in the matchless name; to make them disciples of Jesus Christ for His Glory!

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