As I approach 40, I’m realizing good energy and laughter is my daily medicine for my laid back look on life. I strive daily to do things I love that’ll add peace and balance to my life as well as those around me. I gladly wear the title of a provider and husband to my beautiful wife and father of three girls, it’s the best roller coaster ride I’ve ever hopped on lol. Gaming is an outlet which I’ve discovered is therapeutic and entertaining for decades since the days of ColecoVision and Atari. I’m new to streaming and I without a doubt love it. The feeling that comes over you when you’re able to help someone experience streaming, getting views or followers for the first time via co or quad stream is so amazing!!!!!! I am currently in pursuit of providing live action JUICED UP streams with strategic tips and content focused on great team play and individual play. I finally completed streaming rig to improve streaming abilities and quality to continue collectively building the community. I’ve always been one to give someone the shirt off my back. This is all about having fun and sharing this amazing experience with viewers while strenghtening and supporting the roots of the community 1 view, 1 game, 1 tip at a time. I invite you all to kick your feet up, chill out and vibe with me while experiencing great communication between viewers and other streamer, video content creators alike. You won’t be disappointed.