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Hi πŸ‘‹, I'm Matthew Trontz, aka mtrontz-the-dev! A passionate Full Stack Developer / Systems Engineer from New Jersey (USA) and Active Open Source Development Community Member. πŸ”­ I’m currently working on a bunch of cool projects, (hosted on GitHub Pages of course! (Mostly)) that highlight all of my knowledge and experience gained from the personal research that I do.]( 🌱 I’m currently learning how to develop dynamic modules using APIs and open source tools πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» All of my projects are available on GitHub Be Sure to Follow Me and The Orgs I am A Part of!!! πŸ’¬ Ask me about anything! *(Except anything related to the things listed on this page. XD ... Jk!) πŸ“„ Know about my experiences, via, my Resume, πŸ“« How to reach me: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: GitHub: Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Mobile (Text Only): (201) 852-7341 Phone (Calls go Straight to my Office!): (201) 898-9603 A passionate Full Stack developer from New Jersey (USA) and Active Open Source Community Member.

Looking for a Custom Design?

From software to tote bags, if it relates to design, I am your guy!