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Pine Street Plaza

The Centralia Downtown Association is proud to present this amazing outdoor area in historic downtown! We can't wait to meet you at the plaza!

Does the Pine Street Plaza make downtown feel more inviting?

How safe and comfortable do you feel while in downtown Centralia?

Does the Pine Street Plaza, with its additional lighting, make you feel safer downtown?

While out in downtown Centralia today, or upon your most recent visit to downtown Centralia, how many businesses did you visit?

What one word would you use to describe your most recent time in downtown Centralia?

Have you been to the Pine Street Plaza- sat at a table or bench, attended an event, or met with friends at the plaza?

What do you think of the Pine Street Plaza?

If you are a business owner in downtown Centralia, do you think the Pine Street Plaza has improved foot traffic downtown?

If you are a downtown business owner, do you think the Pine Street Plaza has improved your sales? If so, can you estimate a percentage increase?

Tell us who you are! (optional & appreciated) Where do you live?

What is your age? (optional & appreciated)

To which gender identity do you most identify? (optional & appreciated)

Which of the following best describes you? (optional & appreciated)